Blame Fowler, Not His Traducers! by Wale Olaleye

I don’t know why we’ve chosen to embark on a long road trip blaming whoever instigated and or leaked the letter authored by Mr. Babatunde Fowler. That’s a fault of no one but Fowler’s. How could you occupy such a sensitive office and not understand simple survival strategies – boardroom or conventional politics?

Asking anyone to write such a letter couldn’t have been for any good. It’s basic wisdom! No smart person especially, one whose job survival is dependent on politics, would put down such a humiliating and desperate memo.

Did they not try it with number two, when some controversies arose in the aftermath of the elections? He was allegedly ask to write how election funds were expended. But he knew where they were coming from and ignored them outright. It would have been game over for him had he written it.

Unfortunately, Fowler’s reasoning seemed to have been beclouded by his desperation to return to office and couldn’t read between the lines.

In the corridors of power, except where such situations statutorily demanded official communications in black and white, who puts sensitive matters on the record? Only a JJC! Even security reports are cleverly couched.

Let me ask: when he first got the job, did anyone ask him to write before getting the job or did he apply for it in whatever way? Why did he think writing for renewal was expedient this time?

Mehn, ogbeni yen fumble big time. In fact, I’m disappointed with his team. They are not better either. You mean they consented to such balderdash in the name of seeking renewal of appointment? What happened to self worth?

I no pity am o, because this is coming from a very poor place, administratively, and he deserved what he got. Methinks. Just my unkind cut…Very unkind cut, actually!

Seunmanuel Faleye

Seunmanuel Faleye is a covert writer, and an overt creative head. He is intensely fluid and communicates properly with both his pen and verbally. He is Film and TV content producer by the day, and, a news reporter and storyteller at night. He holds a B.A.(Hons.) in Philosophy from ADEKUNLE AJASIN UNIVERSITY AKUNGBA-AKOKO, ONDO STATE. Asides his numerous investment interests, he plans to own a chocolate factory some day.

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