Breaking: Trump Calls on Europe to “break away from the remnants of the Iran nuclear deal”, Announces New Sanctions against Iran

The US president just declared that he will impose additional economic sanctions on Iran.

He is calling on Europe to “break away from the remnants of the Iran nuclear deal”, which he called a “foolish” deal and had previously announced the US would abandon.

Trump has not given any details about the nature of further sanctions.

Trump however, has described last week’s missile assassination of Iranian general Qassem Suleimani as “decisive action to stop a ruthless terrorist”.

“Last week we eliminated the world’s top terrorist,” he said at the White House.


Shawn Solomon Elliot

Ukpiebo Solomon Elliot is a talented and well motivated Professional Associate Writer, Proofreader and Political scientist. He is a graduate of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Benin and also holds a Diploma in Desktop Publishing and Computer Science.

52 thoughts on “Breaking: Trump Calls on Europe to “break away from the remnants of the Iran nuclear deal”, Announces New Sanctions against Iran

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