Breath of hope as radio listeners await the birth of a new radio series – “New Land”

It is no longer news that morals and societal values which formed an integral part of Nigeria and Nigerian people a couple of years back seem to have departed us and have long gone alongside that period. Vices such as armed banditry, drug abuse and gangsterism, corruption, a growing belief and practice of ‘occult economy’ or get-rich-quick syndrome and several other social abnormalities are becoming norms among the Nigerian people, with the youth taking the leading stage. Statistics tells us that growing economies of the world did not start this way and same goes with Nigeria, if we are serious about being called a developed nation.

As part of its contribution to nation building, a new radio series titled “New Land” which is the initiative of Blue Screen Productions is about to go live on radio. It is an expose on the life of a former public officer who wants to launder stolen public wealth. The family-oriented programme which will soon begin to air on Inspiration FM network ( Lagos, Ibadan and Uyo) is poised to deliver a change in behavioral pattern through national orientation and re-armament of listeners.

In his press briefing held on 12th of March, 2020 in Victoria Island, the series’ Executive Producer, Peter Atigogo aka Don Pete noted that the new radio programme hopes to mark the revival of family life and public enlightenment on nation building, civil responsibilities and maternal health. Don Pete, an entertainment buff was behind the once popular Vibes Africana Radio Top 10 Countdown also said that the objectives of the programme is to preach against corrupt practices and promote the virtues of entrepreneurship and youth development.

The 30-minute radio drama which will be aired live every Saturday evening between 6.30 and 7.00 on Inspiration FM/92.3 promises to be educative and entertaining for listeners of radio programmes will debut on Saturday, April 4th, 2020.

So guys, stay tuned for your listening pleasure.

Kolawole Ganiyu

Kola is an Economics graduate of University of Ibadan. He derives pleasure in fictional writings and contemporary articles arising from keen observation of events - political and socio-cultural.

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