CBN: Nigerians react as PMB govt asks Godwin Emefiele to vacate office

Some Nigerians have reacted as the Nigerian government asked the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, to proceed on leave, ahead of expiration of his tenure.

Emefiele was said to have received letter to the effect on Monday.

Reacting to the directive, Nigerians were of different opinions. While some feel Emefiele will be replaced with a Northerner, others saw nothing wrong in it.

Reactions gathered from twitter bellow:

@Salttybarbar: “This Godwin Emefiele news sef. Let’s wait and see his replacement and if it’s any Muslim northerner then, Nepotism is no longer in the list of what we should call corruption.”

@hamzamalli: “Why will buhari appoint southerner when they refuse to vote 4 him instead largely vote atiku. Emiefele replace sanusi.”

@e_bereks: “If its possible for buhari to have northern govenor in the east, he wil enforce it, nepotism is his daily bread!”

@larucheebam: “You all didn’t see this when Emefiele and Okonjo Iweala were CBN Governor and Finance minister respectively under GEJ .add Deziani as didn’t see Christian southerners as issues then for sure.Eni big problem.”

@cbngov_akin: “I wasn’t sacked as rumoured, my tenure as CBN Governor officially expires in June, 2019” —Godwin Emefiele

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