Consider the enjoyment of sex before you commit suicide-Monalisa Stephen

Nollywood plus-size actress Monalisa Stephen has expressed her opinion on the quest to find a lasting solution to the increased rate of suicide among youths.

She said: ”Are you depressed and want to Commit Suicide? Wait for a minute. just wait. Think About Food and Sex..omg they are sooo Sweet to just let go like that. No oooo…We Die Here oooo.”

However, some of the comments from her followers disagree with her opinion.

Eggid2000 wrote: ”Depression is not about food and sex …It’s a serious mental issue that requires serious treatment. Sex and food can’t solve it…some of the richest people in the world are the most depressed.”

qrin.n: ”Depression cannot be cured with food and sex.”

iammichaelkeys: ”Nope, not true.”

Her opinion. She should not be screwed. She’s only been herself i guess or maybe she wants to be noticed or to increase her fanship. But come to think of it, think about the enjoyment and benefits attached to sex, one just have to keep living no matter the hardship, poverty etc. lololololol

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