Covid-19: Why I Am Collaborating with Nollywood to Produce Film on Pandemic Outbreak – Bishop Isaac Idahosa

Presiding Bishop of God First Ministries Inc. and renowned televangelist, Bishop Isaac Idahosa has revealed plans to collaborate with certain stakeholders within Nigerian movie industry space to produce a feature-length biopic themed on the novel disease, Covid-19.

In a recent conversation with Seunmanuel Faleye, Bishop Idahosa explained that making the historical drama is both expedient and obligatory.

According to him, he described the need for the movie as expedient because, everyone that witnessed and survived the pandemic deserves to pin down their experiences to tell their stories.

Likewise, he also considers it obligatory to tell the covid-19 story because he thinks the movie would be archive material for the next generation in history classes.

“If you don’t learn from examples, you would become an example yourself. It is very important we tell the story of the covid-19 pandemic. We need to tell the story of how we handled the outbreak, what our government did right, and what they could have done better in handling the crises.

“The generation coming after us deserves to know what we went through and how we delt with the experience. We owe them that.

“Besides, the movie would be good for the archives. It would serve as a reference point in history,” the cleric remarked.

Speaking further, Bishop Idahosa revealed that research, consultation and pre-production arrangement are on already, while the movie still in the works promises both local and international collaborations.

“Plans are on already, we have started to gather all the necessary information and writing has commenced. The movie will attract a lot of collaboration from a lot of international agencies. It is still a developing project, I will not want to give out all the information yet,” he said.

However, the Bishop revealed that the project with a budget nearing a billion naira would be coordinated by veteran filmmaker, Chico Ejiro.

“All I can say for now is that Chico Ejiro is in charge of the project, he is a very trustworthy professional and knows his onion in the filmmaking business. We are already table casting and considering certain people for roles.

Covid-19is a global pandemic so we are approaching the movie that way too,” he explained.

Furthermore, the clergyman also took his stance on some of the nation’s state of affair. He gave a remark on alleged falsification of confirmed covid-19 cases figure by National Center for Disease Control, NCDC.

There have been conflicting opinions from different quarters that NCDC are either under reporting number of confirmed cases to give the illusion that they’re managing the pandemic well, or have been hiking the number cases to enable the government continue to profit from the different intervention funds and grants from corporate donors and international organizations.

Contrary to these views, Bishop Idahosa posits that although, he agrees that the disease control center has not been testing enough people, due to insufficient testing kits, however, he thinks Nigerians should trust the information and figures made public daily by the agency.

“Leadership is about transparency, the least Nigerians can do is to trust the information given by the government. Although, I agree that they have not been carrying out sufficient tests, we still need to improve in that aspect.

With this two weeks more of extension, the agency is expected to carry out door to door testing to detect as much cases as possible,” he remarked.

Commenting on the recent spate of robbery and public outcry for hunger amid lockdown, Bishop Idahosa thinks the Federal Government leaves more to be desired with the relief funds for Nigerians. He thinks the relief funds should be transferred to Nigerians through BVN.

“It has not bene easy on Nigerians; this is no longer a case of the poorest of the poor. Even the average earners are becoming broke with no mean of keeping up. The lockdown is approaching 28 days now, and those that initially stocked up are beginning to run out of stuffs.

“My foundation is already thinking of how we can assist in our own way again. People are hungry and the government needs to pay attention to people’s yearning.

For more transparency, and equity, the government should pay people through their BVN,” he posited.

Seunmanuel Faleye

Seunmanuel Faleye is a covert writer, and an overt creative head. He is intensely fluid and communicates properly with both his pen and verbally. He is Film and TV content producer by the day, and, a news reporter and storyteller at night. He holds a B.A.(Hons.) in Philosophy from ADEKUNLE AJASIN UNIVERSITY AKUNGBA-AKOKO, ONDO STATE. Asides his numerous investment interests, he plans to own a chocolate factory some day.

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