Davido’s “fall” Becomes 19th Most Played Song On US Radio

It’s already widespread news that Davido’s 2017 single; “Fall,” has already caught American’s attention as a result of the massive airplay that it currently gets on US radio.

After debuting at number 26 on US Urban Radio Chart (a chart that measures the songs that is being played the most on US radio), “Fall” has been moving all the way up on the chart since then. It once moved from 26 to 21.

But the good news now has it that “Fall” has now moved 2 places up to get into the 19th position as it continues its magical feat on US soil. It will be shocking to know that “Fall” was released in 2017 and now getting a lot of buzz in the US in 2019.

Davido has however revealed that a “big” remix is coming for the song very soon which is different from the one Busta Rhymes and Prayah already did. He said this remix will further cement his “crossing-over” to the US as it will do so well and smash records.


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