Ethiopia is Building Africa’s largest Dam, Where is Nigeria?

Ethiopia is building Africa’s largest dam called the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. When completed, the dam will generate 6,450MW of electricity! The entire project will cost $4.8billion. Ethiopia started work on that dam in 2010. The project is already over 60% completed as at today.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s biggest dam project (Mambilla) will generate 3,000MW and will cost $5.8billion! This is a project we conceived since 1982. We have still not achieved even 5% completion!

Compare both projects and countries and see for yourself.

Ethiopia is a landlocked, non-oil, agricultural based economy, yet it has witnessed steady economic growth than Nigeria. Have you heard of Ethiopian Airways, where is Nigerian Airways?

Do you know the secret of their (Ethiopia’s) success?

Read their federal constitution and see for yourself what federalism means and can do. Ethiopia has no crude oil and gas, yet they have left us behind.

Take this weekend and read the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Their federal constitution is just less than 50 pages (our own is over 400 pages!) and just 23 years old. Read it and see federalism working here in Africa. Use Google to download and read it.

Big for nothing giant of Africa.

This is not about APC or PDP; this is about the “Content & Character” of the people leading the country.

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