“Foluke Daramola Has Not Committed A Crime” – Hubby, Olukayode Salako Writes

Dear Nigerian Press,


It is important I write this piece this time to talk to your orientation, that whatever I have with Foluke Daramola, cannot be understood by those, who choose to keep fighting, harassing and attacking it year in year out over the past five years, especially in a section of the Nigerian soft sell media.

They cannot understand it, because it is beyond mere shallow, crude and insurbordinating human comprehension. It is an understanding and a divine bond orchestrated by God Himself.

So, those who chose to make it their only conscious regular vocation to be attacking and writing rubbish against it, are just wasting their lazy time.

Nigeria now appears to be that unrealistic country, where marriage and other mundane phenomena have now become a subject of social harassment, especially by those low life people, who do not have one good one or cannot even sustain any.

I like to educate here, however, that marriage is strictly an institution of life partnership and companionship between two people, who are determined to run it and sustain it. It is not a community union or neither is it one that must be run to satisfy anybody’s life, but those of the two people involved.

Most of the people we all celebrate in Nigeria over time are not monigamists or neither are they men of only one woman, and neither did Jesus, Muhammed (SWA) or any of the God-sent prophets, said it that marriage is one of the criteria to make heaven. Or neither did God Himself ever create marriage.

I make bold to say that God did not create marriage. What He created was a union between man and woman in the garden of Eden and never did He call it marriage.

That is why there was no marriage ceremony in the garden of Eden or an exchange of vows or rings between Adam and Eve.

What God created for Adam and Eve was a spiritual union of companionship and parnership. He just created it so that should not continue to live alone.That is all!

He did not call it marriage and neither did He or Jesus say it, when He was here, that it is what man must run to make His paradise.

So, marriage, like religion, was purely a creation of man and never that of God. Little wonder they have become parts of the greatest problems of humanity on earth ever since.

If marriage were to be sacred or important to the mystery of making heaven, then Jesus Christ would have been married to leave an example or a standard of how a normal Christian marriage should be or He should have told the prophet Muhammed (SWA) in Islam never to marry more than one wife. Or even the Catholic priests and co. wouldn’t have been doing away with it today. Many examples of why your marriage or the type of marriage, you prefer to run does not concern God abound in the Holy books like that.

I am knowledgeable enough to know that most of the people God loves most in the bible were never monogamists or men of only one women – Abraham, the father of faith was not and neither was king David and Solomon et cetra were.

It is three women, who gave birth to my father and two to the father of my first (ex) wife. If Foluke’s hadn’t died at the age of 42, it is possible more women would have also bore him more children. And, I need to add as well that my great grand father left with 8 wives.

So, before anybody keeps harassing other people with ‘saintly’, ‘blameless’ or ‘perfect’ marital life unwarantedly, that person should seek to ask himself, if his father, grandfather or great grandfather in his family lineage is or was a monogamist or a man with only one woman or it is only one woman, who bore children for him.

I have been marriage to Foluke properly and there is nothing the rubbish any journalist can continue to write about it or anybody’s attacks can do about it. That is stale news already!

It is a marital union, which is so dear to Foluke and me, because we are both convinced it is about our destinies and the orchestration of our God for the sustainance, happiness and fulfillment of our lives and His purpose for us.

Yes! My wife is a celebrity, whose life is necessarily expected to be a subject of media policing and scrutiny – That is the way it is world over. But, I think a section of the Nigerian media should have been tired by now with the harassment of how she has chosen to live her marital life. It is almost about six years now for God sake!

Since I got married to her, it has been about this issue of this Holy marriage and how she stole another man’s wife.

And, the question is: why did that woman allow another woman to steal her husband, if that man or that marriage is so important to her life or is it Foluke, who asked her to pack out of her husband’s house, when I as the husband did not have any critical problem with her?!

I want to say it for the umpteen time, that Foluke Dramola Salako did not snatch or steal anybody’s husband. So, I am not a stolen item of any woman and I can never be.

It is her own destined husband she has been living with in the past five years and not anybody’s husband. Or how are her attackers even sure it is not her own husband that was married by the first woman in the first place?!

My marriage to Foluke Daramola or what I share with her does not have any problem, and I am in good and coordial relationship with my first wife as well, because I have since reconciled with everybody on the issue.

I have always told Bukola, my first wife, that there is still opportunity for her to come back, if she so wish. But, what will never happen is to leave Foluke for anybody.

Polygamy is not a sin to my orientation; my family lineage and my own doctrine of the Christian faith. So, if at the end of the day, I have to be the rightful husband of Foluke and Bukola, so be it.

Nobody has killed Atiku Abubarkar, Tinubu, Obasanjo co. for it and nobody can kill me for it –
Afterall, to marry more than one wife is not a crime to the laws of Nigeria!

Foluke is a very responsible, decent and ideal woman for me and for the marriage. She is a good woman, who has stood solidly by me and my situation all the way, and so she does not deserve all these incessant bashing and public image harassments by an irresponsible section of the Nigeria ‘beer parlor’ and ‘pepper soup joint’ gossip and orientationally lazy soft sell media, all because of her marriage to me.

I want to warn, therefore, that any further falsehood, blasphemy and image damaging publications against her person; myself or her marriage to me shall not be taken lightly with any media house any more.

It is going to be addressed through a decisive legal intervention.

Those whose main job is to write to kill and destroy others happiness with pen, should always remember that destruction awaits their lives and those of their children and the generations of their children’s someday.

Foluke has not committed a crime by getting married to the man of her destiny, and so, should be left alone to run it the way God has destined her to be.

Please, mind your business!

-Olukayode and Foluke are two people of strong character and so, henceforth nobody should think of running us down phychologically anymore.

We are two responsible and patriotic Nigerians.

– Olukayode Salako,
Foluke Daramola Salako’s Hubby.

Godspower Oshodin

Godspower Oshodin is the CEO of Solution Media Global Limited, Media Entrepreneur, Writer, Poet, Speaker, Author, United Nations Volunteer, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Founder of Naija Gist and Gossips, and Co-Author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'.

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