Governor Ikpeazu and the Parable of the Foolish Hunter – Ifesinachi Nwadike

Story is often told about a hunter who goes deep into the night to hunt bushmeat. When he returns in the morning, he goes straight to pepper-soup vendors and sells his hunt to them at low prices. In the evening, he would stroll to the same joint to relish a plate or two of the bushmeat pepper-soup for prices far higher than he sold them.

Nothing may be wrong with this, you might say, but if looked at, from the perspective of commonsense, the hunter is about the most foolish man in history.

Now, let’s assume our dear hunter is not interested in owning and running a pepper-soup business, he can at least sell his hunt for a reasonable price that allows him to have some money even after buying two plates. Better still, he can strike a bargain that allows him to sell at lower prices but would include a bonus of one free plate in the evening. That way, he would have money in his pocket and bushmeat pepper-soup in his stomach.

The above scenario, when juxtaposed with what has been happening in the Nigerian political terrain, we find shocking similarities that makes one question the level of commonsense exhibited by our men and women in power.

Since the outbreak of corona virus, especially since the lockdown became a global measure, the lies, hypocrisy and foolishness of the political class in Nigeria has become an incontestable fact. We now know, for sure, that the billions allocated yearly for healthcare is going into private pockets as there are no efficiently equipped hospitals to be used in the fight against the virus. Separate funds had to be reallocated to the governors to raise emergency isolation centers because of the urgency of the case. Some states have been able to put up, albeit hastily, isolation centers that could cater for few cases and most are substandard as Nigerian things are wont to be. Let it be known that some of these governors had the ‘goodwill’ to put them up because they too cannot afford to travel as most of their safe havens in Europe are the worst hit by the virus.

Some other states are toying with the idea of putting efficient isolation centers because somehow, the masses would find a way to manage, as usual. At most, what we have are governors calling on individual billionaires to come to their state’s rescue with isolation centers and donations of PPE, which does not sound bad in a case where there are no federal allocated funds to do them. But in these cases, there are excess funds at the disposal of these governors, only that they believe that the masses are undeserving of good things that rightfully belong to them, for, how do you explain to God or even Satan that a country that sold oil for over sixty years could only account for two ventilators in the hospital where the president claims to spend billions yearly during the early days of the virus?

It is such foolish wickedness that informed Ikpeazu’s jitteriness when he tested positive to the virus on June 4th  inspite of all the noise he made about delivering quality jobs and being on top of any situation that comes the way of Abia, Ikpeazu had to be flown to Abuja to access the best medicare in the country because he afforded none in his state which he and his misinformed media vuvuzelas bragged that corona virus has no business with since it is the only Nigerian state mentioned in the Bible. Such grand foolishness informed their disinterestedness in putting preventive measures on ground before the advent of the virus into “God’s Own State”.

Let it be known that the only isolation center in Abia state is the 100 bed spaces located inside the Specialist Hospital, Amachara, Umuahia South L.G.A, being Herbert Wigwe’s intervention on behalf of Access Bank Nigeria. There’s every certainty that Wigwe may not have intervened ordinarily; if you examine it closely, Governor Ikpeazu may have called him personally to plead for his intervention seeing what the banking guru did in his own Rivers State. Aside this, there’s no other state-owned isolation center if not the earlier four or five bed spaces in F.M.C Umuahia, personally initiated by Dr. Onyebuchi Azubuike, the Chief Medical Director, the PPE of which were mostly donated by the Alex Otti Foundation. That amounts to a total 104 bed spaces in a state with nearly 500 cases.

While there are reports of hospitals in Abia being forced, by elements acting in the name of the state’s government, not to receive PPE donations from perceived enemies of the governor which would be used to protect poor Abians, little did the governor know that he would be among the first 200 Abians to contract the virus. To the glory of God, he has fully recovered from the virus and has since returned to administrative duties in Abia. We now call on him to see this as an opportunity to do better. We enjoin him to use these few remaining years of his poor administration to deliver worthy and sustainable projects to Ndi Abia, they deserve better.

And may the late Saint Senator Ajimobi be the last former or sitting governor in Nigeria to die another state’s hospital because he forgot to build one in his state.

Let somebody shout a loud Amen.

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