• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Group calls for the sack and trial of Timipre Sylva as Nigeria’s Petroleum Minister for State

A group known as Global Initiative For Good Governance has called for the sack and probe of Timipre Sylva, Nigeria’s Petroleum Minister for State over allegations of corruption.

In a Friday statement by its Director-General, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, titled “URGENT CALL TO SACK, PROBE & TRY  TIMIPIRIYE SYLA, MINISTER OF STATE FOR PETROLEUMS”, the group said; “Our attention has been drawn to the evidences- pregnant corruption allegations against Chief Timipiriye Slya for looting, diverting and misappropriating billions of naira belonging to Bayelsa State government during his services as the then governor of the State. This was made known by the testimonies of Chief Jackson Ude who published on his twitter handle on the 28th September, 2021 to have in his possession piles of incriminating evidences to affirm that Sylva looted public funds and domiciled same in USA. 

“The said Chief Ude confirmed his team of lawyers’ readiness with stocks of provable evidences to meet the former governor in a USA court to prove Sylva involvement in the alleged crime. It is against the will of public practice decorums for an indicted person to  remain in public office and be using the tax payers money to finance his lawsuits over misappropriation of funds leveled against him. Global Initiatives For Good Governance as a network of voice against global public misconduct demands that Chief Timi Sylva resigns his appointment or be sacked by President Muhammadu Buhari to enable him face his trials in Nigeria via USA inter state judicial handlings. This testifies to the fact that Chief Sylva can’t be parading himself as the Petroleum Ministry  State Chief Executive while he having a deluge of corruption allegations dangling on his neck. It is administratively wrong, unethical and full of affront to the tenet of justice and fairplay to allow an indicted public officer whose immunity as a governor had lapsed to skip trials.

Furthermore, the group called on President Muhammadu Buhari to without delay “sack Chief Sylva and hand him over to EFCC for judicious probing, trials and prosecution using Chief Jackson Ude’ s front burner evidences if found guilty of corruption . We also demand that APC led Federal government should live up to the expectations of a viable and transparent democracy by ensuring that indicted public officers under his watch are not treated with kids glove but should be fairly allowed to face trials in accordance with the shape and nature of their cases.”

“This is what can make the world see this government as being responsible, sincere and committed,” Chief Kalu noted.

“If this ugly trend of shielding indicted public officers under the diplomatic armpit of the presidency or on the ground of party affinity, that means Nigeria will continue to suffer the damaging ills of polluted corruption with impunity, thereby deeply sinking and retarding the people s livelihood and that of the national treasury.  It is one thing to be accused of committing a crime, it is another thing to prove it beyond reasonable doubts and here abound ripe evidences buttressing the said allegations  are handy, so why would the  person alleged to have committed this crime still remains untouched by the government authorities? This is a piercing injury to lawfulness and is hereby totally unacceptable.

“The highest investment of any government is the degree to which it upholds the principles of justice and fairness, therefore, it is highly abnormal and a clear stand of daggering the chest of justice for Buhari government to continue retain Sylva as a Minister while he has this nature of allegations on his neck,” Chief Kalu emphasized.

“Global Initiatives For Good Governance is of the view that Timi’s continued stay in office as Minister and be responding to his fraud indictment in USA, paying lawyers with public funds to defend him is an aberration to the dignity of law. With immediate effect, we ask that he be sacked to face trials as Global Initiatives For Good Governance is a non-partisan global socio political umbrella whose Mandate is to point out ills, unseal the  facts to see that such effronteries are dealt with for the salvation of world government and public leadership,” Chief Kalu further added.

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