GUYS BEWARE: See The Characteristics Of A Nigerian Runz Girl

  1.  She changes phones and gadgets like clothes.And she’s always among the first to use the latest phone and communication gadgets.
  2. She travels a lot.Yesterday Port-harcourt, Today Abuja and Tomorrow Lagos.
  3.  She is never at home at night, you can hardly find her home at night.
  4.  She has too many “Uncles and Cousins”. And any guy you stumble around her will be introduced to you as ….”He is my Cousin or Uncle”.
  5. She usually lives alone in a well furnished apartment.
  6. 90% of her friends are males, and she uses the phrase; ‘I prefer keeping male friends than females cos you learn a lot from guys’ , and she usually has one or two female friends.
  7. Even though, she stays alone, you will never or hardly see her invite any guy to her house…… Because she don’t want neighbors to know what she is up to.
  8. She usually carries a very big handbag that can contain anything.Don’t be deceived, she is not going out. She is in fact, travelling to meet one of her numerous escapades.
  9. She just don’t want people to know hence the big handbag she carries about.
  10. She changes hairstyle very often, and most times they are very expensive.
  11. You hardly see her siblings come around, and if at all any does, it must be the very little females one…


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Godspower Oshodin

Godspower Oshodin is the CEO of Solution Media Global Limited, Media Entrepreneur, Writer, Poet, Speaker, Author, United Nations Volunteer, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Founder of Naija Gist and Gossips, and Co-Author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'.

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