Herdsmen Attack: Nollywood Actress Toyosi Akinsanya Recounts Rape Experience

The fragile security network in the country claimed a victim within the Yoruba arm of the nation’s movie community few days ago, when versatile actor, Toyosi Akinsanya lost a member of his crew during an attack in Ilorin.

According to Toyosi, she was almost in Ilorin from Akure, in company of her female Personal Assistant and Juwon, the deceased who was on the wheel when the tragedy struck.

She said crisis started when the driver sighted afar, some armed Fulani men, believed to be herdsmen, attacking vehicles on the road.

The driver, she said, attempted to avoid the herdsmen and accelerated away, but he was shot at as the vehicle with Toyosi and the other occupants headed for the bush and tumbled severally into and outside of the bush, by which time the driver was dead.

The Fulani attackers eventually caught up with them and Toyosi, while thanking those who have been commiserating with her and sending goodwill messages She said she returns “all glory to almighty God who delivered us from the hands of devil.”

Narrating her ordeal, Toyosi, in her narrative on a Whatsapl group she is a member said she shall “forever commiserate with the family of late Juwon Awe over the sudden death of young and promising Juwon, I pray that almighty God will give the family, my group, my association the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.”

“I’m using this medium to thank my esteemed fans both home and abroad, my great association TAMPAN led by ever supportive leader Otunba Bolaji Amusan, all kwara state tampans most especially the Governor Alhaji Sulaimon Akinkanju Odeilorin, Prince Dele Odule, Otunba Adebayo Salami, Uncle Jide, Barr Femi Adebayo, Bewaji ADESANYA and her hubby. I am using this medium to thank all Pressmen, Newspapers, Islamic scholars, my husband Mr Dele Ileyemi, all my boss at Odunfa caccus, all TAMPAN members from different states, Mr. Lanre Awe(JUWON’s elder brother) I cannot but thank God for the safety of my brother Abdullahi Ade Rufai (Agbawo) my P.A (Lola omofolarin).”

Narrating her ordeal in the hands of the attackers, Toyosi said “we were together in the car on that fateful unforgettable sad moment on our way to Ilorin for a movie shoot with Emepror Damola Olatunji, twas such and scary and fearful moment when Juwon sighted 4 dreaded men, was remaining few minutes for us to be in ilorin from Ibadan, he wanted to escape us together,  they targetted him and shot the car on the motion, that was when I discovered JUWON was dead because immediately the car swerved into the bush as we were battling with our lives in the car inside the bush. I was sitting beside JUWON, the car had already lost total control, it later came on the road after series bruises on my ankle, immediately d fulaniis sighted us they attacked us by asking us to get down from d car,we did as instructed ,they collected our phones,sum of 22k,and asked for more, they corked their gun at Agbawo, they planned to rape Lola my P.A, they even search JUWON who was dead, they took some of my jewelleries (925) It was after their Second attempt to rape my P.A, while I was begging and I was slapped by one of d fulanis, the forth guy was a Yoruba man who was stylishly tell us,the late JUWON was suppose to stop on sighting them, as we heard the Yoruba language, collectively we told him, we asked JUWON to wait but he knew we will be attacked, the Fulanis later came to the Yoruba guy and asked what he was discussing with us, he told them another thing, the fulanis said, Yoruba people we will kill you, all this period of time we were asked to sit on the ground, other vehicles had already reversed and changed their direction since, they later moved to the other side of the road and continue shooting sporadically, we were there till 6:30am, it was a trailer driver that rescued us as he took us to Solidworth hotel junction at Asa dam Ilorin. Damola Olatunji involved some Policemen with the support of Solidworth hotel management and JUWON’s corpse was examined and taken to the morgue, his corpse was taken to his hometown in Efo Amoro in kogi state with his family, his children and one of the victims as well as Lola my P.A, We will not die untimely, a o nirin niko ti ebi npa ona, I thank the CEO of Mainframe Production Mr Tunde kelani, Mauve 21 hotel, Olaiya Igwe and I pray to Almighty God to make JUWON soul rest in peace, thank you all.”

She concluded in the thank you message.

James Soul John

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