Here Are 6 Ways You Can Style Your Ankara Wrap Top

The weekend is right around the corner and we’re getting ready to switch to turn up mode! Weekends are the perfect time to switch from formal wear to something more casual yet classy like the Ankara fabric.

Ankara wrap tops are pretty much the rave right now and they don’t seem to be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon as top Fashion Houses have continued to produce ready to wear Ankara wrap blouses.

These wrap tops come in different prints and designs are super easy to style.

For your style inspiration here are 6 ways you can style your Ankara wrap blouse this weekend.

1. Take a cue from Ozinna and style your blouse with a pleated skirt.

Ankara wrap blouse

2. Heading to the beach? Pair your wrap top with ripped jean shorts

3. Culottes are also a great option

4. A unique pencil skirt gives off an elegant look

5. Match your blouse with bell-bottom pants

6. When you run out of options jeans always save the day.

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