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How Human Rights Activist, Chief S.T. Yenge helped save three innocent sons of same mother from death sentence


Sep 18, 2021

It was in 2010, some three sons of a widow by name Mrs. Esther Nam, were innocently charged to court for their trial after staying in custody for over a year for allegedly causing the death of their uncle.

In 2013, the accused; Mr. Gbakumbuur, Msonga and Ioryer were all condemned to death by hanging by the High Court of Benue State presided over by Justice W.I. Kpochi in case No. SHC/MK/5C/2013.

The three sons of Mrs Nam, in a bid to get justice, needed to file an appeal but could not, due to financial constraint. Ordinarily, the trio was languishing in jail when Chief S.T. Yenge, a defender of the Constitution and human rights lawyer; heard of their case and decided to take it up for them, free of charge.

In 2014, the Nam’s three sons through S.T. Yenge Esq, prosecuted their separate appeals in Appeals Nos. CA/MK/178/2014, CA/MK/178A/2014 and CA/MK/178B/2014 at the Court of Appeal, Makurdi division. The Appeal Court, after a careful consideration of the three appeals, found merit in all the appeals.

As such, the judgement of the High Court of Benue State which convicted and sentenced the three sons of the same father to death by hanging for allegedly causing the death of one man, was set aside and a verdict of discharge and acquittal, was entered in favour of the Appellants.

Via the efforts of Chief S.T. Yenge, The Court of Appeal was able to be convinced in favour of the Appellants. Via the passionate efforts of Chief S.T. Yenge , the Appeal Court found an error in the High Court judgement hence a merit in the appeal, the point the High Court itself realised in the course of evaluation of evidence that “what” or “who” actually committed the alleged offence was not known as about 17 persons were mentioned as suspects who pursued the deceased, based on the evidence on record, but the High Court still proceeded to convict and sentence the trio on the same evidence, to death.

According to reports, investigation revealed that the three sons were seriously wounded by their deceased uncle in a conflict which led to mob attack on him that resulted in his death.

Furthermore, according to reports, the security agencies handling the case, however, could not arrest the mob as the entire village was deserted at the moment but succeeded in arresting and charging to court the 70-year old aged father of the deceased (Mr. Ikon Ule) who unfortunately died in custody during trial and the three sons of Mrs Esther Nam who were still recuperating on their hospital beds.

The three sons of Nam Ule in Gboko Local Government of Benue State who were in truth, victims of circumstance and poor investigation languished in prison custody for about 10 years from 2010 till 2020 till Chief S.T. Yenge took up their case in the Court of Appeal and argued the Judges led by Hon. Justice Ignatius Igwe Agube who judicially and judiciously looked into the appeal and granted it, hence saving the lives of Mr Gbakumbuur, Mr Msonga and Mr Ioryer from the cold hands of death.

This is just one of the many human right cases that Benue-born Chief S.T. Yenge has intervened in and won even pro bono.

Our dear nation and the world at large, need more of the likes of Chief S.T. Yenge to make Nigeria and the world entirely a better place for all.

The ideology of Chief S.T. Yenge depicts that of “humanity first”.

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