“I Cried When I Saw Tuface With These Shoes” – Hanandez

Though tears didn’t stream down my cheeks,but I was pained on the inside.How can someone from a third world country like Nigeria,which has most of its citizenry living on one dollar per day,expend one million naira on a pair of gold encrusted and plaited snickers? The height of bovine improvidence and dissipation you would say.Tuface who comes from one of the most impoverished state in Nigeria,Benue state,couldn’t as much as take into account the fact that his state is ranked the state with the highest rate of hiv and aids in nigeria.He didn’t take into account the unenviable fact that benue is the least most industrially undeveloped in ratings.All of these stats is a gritty pointer of the ravaging and grinding poverty in his home,yet in his crass egotistical brazenness,he posed with these shows which can pay for the Waec and jamb forms of at least 200 pupils.These shoes carry the financial clout of providing medications to cottage hospitals.Its outrageous and preposterous that this man who many see as role model would put up a fashion faux pas as this.

Godspower Oshodin

Godspower Oshodin is the CEO of Solution Media Global Limited, Media Entrepreneur, Writer, Poet, Speaker, Author, United Nations Volunteer, President of Nigeria Bloggers Forum, Founder of Naija Gist and Gossips, and Co-Author of 'Global Seal of Integrity'.

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