• Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

Joana Gyan: The Queen of Golden Revolution emerges In Africa

Nelson Mandela once said, “Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.”

The wise sayings of the late sage, have remained timeless, considering the rate with which emerging Young African Leaders are coasting uncharted waters, making sacrifices, and driving their people to the land, they hitherto, once dreamt of. The impact has also proven to be far reaching, as has defied the odds of the hostility and insensitivity of the failed system the continent has been plagued with in the past.   

One of such emerging African young bloods that have honed up to the spec of creating a new era for the continent, where all will be free from poverty, for the rebirth of wealth in the continent, is Dr Mrs Joana Gyan Cudjoe.

Joana Gyan is an emphatic young Ghanaian philanthropist, business magnate, and a heartwarming humanitarian that takes pleasure in giving succour to the imporevished.

Borne out of the cloak of survival in Dunkwa Ghana, Joana quickly ticked the test of time and created some of the biggest business companies in Africa.  

A multi-award winning entrepreneur, Gyan has been tagged by many ahome and abroad as the ‘Queen of the Golden Revolution’.

She stands tall as an Artisanal Miner, Licensed Gold Miner, Licensed Gold Seller, Licensed Gold Buyer, Licensed Gold Exporter, and still leverages on other sectors, including Entertainment, Media, Farming, Education, Real Estates and Health care. 

Joanna has displayed a sense of empathy at everything she does. She founded The Joana Gyan Foundation primarily to reach out to the underprivileged and needy. She has championed hundreds of humanitarian projects across Africa, with an unalloyed desire to always touch lives. She hasn’t stopped echoing the need for every African Country with gold deposits to understand and know the value of their gold deposits, while using the mineral resource to pull Africans out of poverty.

She wasn’t far from the truth when she said – ‘I think it is necessary we start embracing more of humanity,  because humanity is the true religion. We need to stand up for one another if we must take Africa there. The continent has suffered alot and long been hiding under the dinning table. It is time we wake up and build the Africa we desire, through some calculated social activities that will empower every African with no one excluded amidst race, religion, culture, or languages.’

Joana has created jobs for hundreds of Africans in all ambits, especially in the mining sector where she has shone so bright. Her passion and success in the mining sector saw her birth ‘Golden Empire Legacy Limited’, one of the world’s fastest rising mining company. 

Without doubt, Joana leverages on her flexibility in creating new opportunities for talented Arts across Africa and also giving them a podium to stand on, in pushing their talents. Her Record Label, Golden Empire houses some of Africa’s most defining Artists, including top Ghanaian music group, Keche global.

No doubt, Joana is indeed a visionary leader and Pan-Africanist with poise for genuine leadership to shoulder the challenges of taking Africa to the promised land. 

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