Kano State Sharia Police Promise To Arrest People Eating In Public During Ramadan Season

As if the daily cases of lawlessness are not enough in this country, the Kano State Sharia police (otherwise called Hisbah) has said it will arrest people caught eating in public in the state as the Ramadan begins on Monday. Apart from being an illegal, insensitive and unconstitutional directive, it is an open invitation to a perilous religious crisis in the country.

All citizens have the right to practise any religion and change such a religion at any time without the interference or consent of any person or authority.

If our law provides for all these, therefore, the plan to arrest people eating in public during Ramadan is a gross constitutional infraction. It is a legal taboo to (indirectly) compel all Kano dwellers to observe the Muslim fasting without even making consideration of other persons who may hold different religious views.

As it is the truth that Islam is not the only religion in Kano. What if the person sought to be arrested for eating in public is an atheist, Christian or one without any religious belief?

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