• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Kazeem Tanimu gives kudos to Governor Makinde over PDP’s progress


Jul 25, 2021

…..encourages PDP to maintain unity to take power in 2023

An image consultant, Kazeem Tanimu has weighed in on the state of the nation ahead of the 2023 polls.

In a statement on Saturday, Kazeem Tanimu expressed concerns as to where the Federal Republic of Nigeria is presently heading.

He also shed light on the reason the APC government has failed Nigerians in all ramifications.

“It is a sorry situation with where Nigeria is presently going to. The failures are quite obvious. Ranging from every section of what makes a country functional. The Muhammadu Buhari’s administration obviously doesn’t know how to run government. They have failed woefully in coming up with policies that would strengthen the economy. The security architecture of the country depletes everyday. In fact, it has been hijacked!”

The International Image Consultant hinted on reasons why the main opposition, PDP, needs to be more united in a bid to salvage the country from its present economic and security troubles.

Furthermore, Kazeem hailed Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde for expending youthful vigour in addressing the Peoples Democratic Party issues startling the Party structure.

“It is quite obvious that the APC government doesn’t have any place in 2023. They’ve failed in every angle in delivering good governance to the people of Nigerians. So the PDP must rise up to the occasion if they must deliver Nigerians from the present plights bedeviling the country.

“The PDP has to continue building momentum, and also to support the likes of Governor Makinde and co, to keep pushing the party’s essence. I commend Governor Makinde for his insightfulness in following up with new ideas to aiding the youths desire to participate in the party’s growth. Indeed he is a leader with guts and has succeeded in creating the aural needed to propel the party’s vitality.

“The party must maintain unity within its folds, avoid dictatorial form of party leadership or any lording over each other. The party while trying to reposition itself for power must engage every necessary process and step via instrumentality of unity. This will help ensure that Nigerians are carried along in the repositioning process of the party,” Mr Kazeem advised the party’s hierarchy.

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