Kika Good Hair Reveal Deep End Secrets On Why Yutee and Julius Rones are Blackmailing Her

As the controversial drill between the Rones and Kika Good Hair takes another shape.


Top Socialite and CEO of Kika Good Hair Limited, Kika Osunde has dropped a Disclaimer revealing some deep end secrets about why Yutee Rones and Julius Rones are blackmailing her.


She shared the disclaimer via her snapchat.


“It is pertinent to state that Julius and “Yutee” Utibe Rone have been investigating stories that were recently published on the blogs about their persons including naked pictures of Yutee in a threesome act. In the process, they have uncovered a lot of facts and information implicating themselves and their friends.

I can imagine that due to the shame and embarrassment and the desperate need to deviate the attention from their accusations they have unfortunately chosen to use me as a scape goat despite all that’s been revealed to them In the course of their investigation. (I.e. they are fully aware of the people that leaked their pictures / info).

I have absolutely nothing to do with the naked pictures circulating about Yutee nor the slandering of Julius and his sexual incapability.

My only “crime” here is haven been friends with a particular veteran journalist whom the said parties also maintain close relationships with along side many others for whatever purposes.

As a matter of fact, Yutee and Julius are trying to use me as a pawn to avoid fighting the real battle which has been going on for months between themselves and a much more influential / wealthy family whom I will not disclose just yet.

However, I REFUSE to be victimized by anyone regardless of his/ her status or the powers he/she wields.

They have paid multiple bloggers hefty sums to defame my character and created a fake warrant which the Nigerian police officials have angrily and vehemently denied as any personal / gossip issues should have been handled as a civil matter if worth the hassle.

It is actually very disheartening that in the wake of a global pandemic, the Nigerian government is being embarrassed by this couple all in a bid to deviate attention from their own messy dealings and avoid fighting the real giants they fear.

Out of respect for them I will not expose the dirty antiques that I have personally witnessed with them.

I hereby urge you both to do the honourable thing and stop this media war as well as your death threats because when I speak it will be followed with receipts.

Thank you!

Kika Osunde ❤️” – Kika Good Hair concludes.

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