Photos: Kiza, Number One African Spot In The UAE

As Africa continue to nestle its hope on what tomorrow would bring, the entire world seats from afar to watch.

The uniqueness of the African culture is defined in the way we embrace our own. Our food, music, dances, languages, art and colour – all these are what makes up the African Culture.

Behold! Kiza comes into the fore to properly inspire Africa to the World. KIZA is an Afro-Fusion Restaurant and Lounge in Dubai. It is rated as the number one African spot in the UAE. Kiza is Dubai’s 1st classy dining Restaurant with African Cuisine.

KIZA is a movement. It showcases the diversity of African cuisine, the vibrancy of the African culture and the warmth of its people.

At Kiza, you will be offered authentic pan-African food – a careful selection of your favourites from across the continent in a classy environment.

The relieve and experiences at Kiza is versatile, with its cool tempo of Afro Jazz, Afrobeats, and Continental Reggae while you enjoy your moment.

You obviously want to experience Kiza whenever you’re in Dubai!

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