• Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

Lekan Salami National Stadium: Another Sporting Conversation Ensue In Ibadan

As we countdown to the launch of the grand breaking Lekan Salami National Stadium, all compasses redirects it satellite to the delightful city of Ibadan, in Oyo State.

The hope of a revived sound echoes across Africa, as the Executive Governor, Seyi Makinde’s Visionary foresight in hosting the globe too through Sports is obvious in this ravaging project.

Ibadan is synonymous to a vast and significant facet whenever you mention the city for anything; perhaps Sports is still that symbol of uniting in one voice. And this time, the Governor’s youthful display of exuding wellness, has made him open a sporting millage for the youths to get engaged again. 

The stadium is billed for launching on the 1st, September 2021. Ibadan will host a galleries of sport Personalities, and reconnect Nigeria again to another Sporting conversation.

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