Let’s talk about sex….

Who is  fooling whom? Huh?

You know someone doing it. You’re doing it. Your parents are doing it – or were. Your pastor is doing it.

PSA; please get tested people!


So why in Beyonce’s name do we go around acting like it’s some invisible hormone monster that we need to hide? Why do strippers in traffic all of a sudden mean the end is near? The end BEEN near.

According to an article written by The Atlantic in December 2018, titled ‘The Sex Recession’, people are having way less sex now compared to Generation X. So I guess it’s safe to say that whatever was the catalyst for the end times, it sure wasn’t us.

It would have been nice if the generations before us stopped treating sex like a sacrilegious secret that requires codes to access. If anything, that is counter productive, because then people had to know. That’s why I’m so glad it’s become more normative to discuss sex, so that people can make more informed decisions when having it.

Please practice safe sex.


Again, get tested!!!

I completely understand having individual morals, which could eventually form into being a group of people with similar ideologies. You’re allowed to. But what I do not understand is, bullying people into accepting your views, if their lifestyle is of no harm to you or to anyone.

Back to this “end time” business, I believe the reason why the older generation wants to blame us so much for the end of the word is that they ruined it. And because they don’t know how to fix it, they’d rather blame it on the genitals of the younger generation. That’s fine; we’ll fix it.


Because I cannot understand a society where sex is more of a taboo than rape, mass murder or violence. A senator hit a lady on camera, and what excited the news was the fact that he carried out the assault in a sex store?

I promise this was meant to be a fun article. . . or maybe not.

Moral of the story – sex is not the end of the world, it is biological and completely normal. The generations before us were having it and our generation is having it and so will the next, so Nigerians need to relax.

Remember to make use of protection. And get tested. Abeg.

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