Make A Delicious Pot Of Ekpang Nkukwo With This Short Video

Ekpang Nkukwo is a pottage dish made from cocoa yam and native to the South-South region of Nigeria.

Similar to the Ikokore dish popular with the Ijebu people, Ekwang, as it is commonly known, is a treat you will surely want to try.

If you are adventurous with food, then we encourage you to try this dish for the weekend for a special guest as it takes a lot of dedication and the recipe list is quite long too.

Though it may take a while for you to get a hang of it, once you master the method of preparation, you are good to go any time. To help you with these, watch the short video below.

The ingredients you will need are

– 5 tubers of Cocoyams – grated into a paste (when buying, ask for the tiny ones for Ekpang Nkukwo, not the ones for boiling)

– Half water yam – also grated into a paste

– Mfi (Periwinkle with the shell)

– One bottle of palm oil

– Ibat (dried fish)

– A cup of crayfish

– 5 cubes of maggi

– Fresh pepper

– Ntong leaves or iko leaves-shredded (they are all spice leaves)

– A bunch of young cocoyams leaves, shredded for wrapping( you can ask someone to help you shred the leaves for wrapping the cocoyams into the tender leaves)

– Ikpa i.e. ponmo, cut into tiny bits

– Snail (optional)

– Salt to taste

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