• Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

Meet David Ogbole Onuh, A Creative Realtor Changing The Nigeria Real Estate Dynamics

David Ogbole Onuh is a top Hospitality consultant, Realtor and a farmer. The young Entrepreneur, who is a senior partner at Adrex Properties has been involved in some of the most outstanding Real Estate Projects in Nigeria.  

Mr. David has built some of the most luxurious and illustrious Short stay apartments across Lagos Island and Abuja. He finds delights in crafting bespoke and exclusive designs, meeting the needs of tastefully placed clients. 

“Our consciousness is drilled towards solving house deficits in this part of the world. And we are technically doing it, so we can serve every Nigerian in need of our services. So far, we have built a couple of prime homes with premium international standard. Nigeria has all the tendencies to dazzle the Real Estate World in no time. I’m so excited that we are beginning to define our paths in the Industry. And with Adrex Homes, you can be confident about actualizing your housing needs”, Mr David Ogbole reels….

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