Meet Kazeem Tanimu TM, the Next Generation of Nigerian Leaders


Kazeem Tanimu TM, is a top-notched Humanitarian Agent, Social Political Strategist, Crusader, and DG of Atiku 100% Campaign Group.

Tanimu who’s the Convener and President of *Initiative for Qualitative Leadership & Progressive Change (IQLPC)*. A Youths oriented initiative that is building the new frontier for quality leadership amongst the Youths.


Tanimu Kazeem’s desire to always position himself towards good governance and quality leadership can be accounted for with the way he has mobilized a vast number of Quality Nigerians to Campaign for PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

In a recent chat with NBF, Tanimu confirms his tendencies to reposition the youths social orientation about Nations building, and further express his believe that the Youths can really dominate the system, if they continue to develop themselves.

IQLPC is presently working on a Campaign tagged as “Operation Drive The Nation” which will involve millions of Nigerian youths, both home and in Diaspora.

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