Mr P calls a fan broke for comparing him to Rude Boy

Nigerian artist, Peter Okoye better known as Mr P in a tweet via his Twitter handle on Wednesday reacted to a statement by a fan who compared him to his brother Paul Okoye ‘Rude Boy.’

Paul Okoye Rude Boy

The fan in his tweet to Mr P to go back to his twin brother to learn how to make quality music. He wrote, ”To be frank bro..u are not minding ur business..u are obviously competing with ur brother..u need to go back to him, learn how to make quality/ good music…not all these yeyeye shits u v been releasing since u guys separated… #mrp #nepa”

Peter Okoye Mr P

However, Peter in his response to the tweet called the fan broke as he advised him to face his hustle.

Peter wrote, ‘Broke people thinking they have opinion, hustle make you no go dey advice dangote how to do business. chai!’

Peter and Paul Okoye are twin brother who were part of the now defunct Psquare music group along side their brother Jude Okoye but following some family related issues the duo went their separate ways in 2016, which came as a surprise to many of their fans.


Some of the popular song by Psquare include Roll It, Temptation, Oyinye, Chop My Money among others.

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