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Mrs Margaret Osawaru-Hassan Ize-Iyamu: A Paragon Of Hope for this generation


Oct 1, 2021

As MRS MARGARET OSAWARU-HASSAN née IZE-IYAMU celebrates her 64th year birthday, alot can be said about her promptness in attending to Humanitarian services. 

With a genuine enthusiasm to see the World be a better place, President and Founder of Tender Heart Orphanage  and Charity Home Int’l, Mrs Margaret has stretched her hands in some significant charitable tidings.

The Native of Edo State retired as an Air Hostess with Nigerian Airways, serving from 1976 to 1980. She later took her expertise to Liver Brothers, Cadbury and PZ respectively; where she served in these firms as Distributor from 1989 to 1996 in Kaduna State.

She is a mother of two sensationally intelligent children; Hassan Bashirat, a medical practitioner and Kelvin Osawary who is an engineer. Kelvin has since been happily married with a beautiful Austrian wife and four children.

Mrs Margaret officially launched her Foundation in 2013, although she commenced Humanitarian services for the Foundation since as far back as year 2000.  Her Foundation caters for over 60 children and 75 widows at the moment. The Foundation has a notch in extensive charity field works, which it carries out up to six times in a year ranging from child rescue to health-care services for the less privileged, as she finds viable partnership with the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare.

Her historic orphanage is still sited in her legendary father’s house JP Eng. Imagbe Ize-Iyamu – on 34, MM Way Benin city, in Edo State. Expansion is essential as the children at her orphanage grow in number; with the help of the community, she is planning to move the Orphanage to a more spacious and conducive permanent site.

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