New Year Tip: Seven Ways To Handle Rejection

In a few hours, the year 2019 will be over and another year starts all over again.

While most people will be making new resolutions, which is the best way to go, it is also good to get prepared ahead of some negative sides that might come in form of rejection in the journey to make the goals for the new year a reality.

The words of Vince Lombardi ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’ should be your slogan for the new year as there are bound to be challenges that can go as far as making you fall.

But the problem is not with falling but your refusal to rise when you fall.

Below are seven ways to deal with rejection and maintain your positive vibe.

1. Try not to take rejection personally

Yes, it hurts when rejection comes from people very dear to us but one thing you should know is we can’t control the minds and actions of others. Therefore, be prepared for anything.

2. Quell your inner critic

After any phase of rejection, don’t fall back to criticising yourself or others over what happened, motivate yourself and get back on your feet.

3. Take the time to process the event

When the event happens, rather than criticising yourself, why not take time to process why it didn’t go as planned.

4. Focus on the positives in your life

Learn to give yourself some vibes if no one is doing that for you.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others

At this stage and time in life, it is necessary for everyone to know that it is wrong comparing yourself with others. Be yourself and pursue your dream. Ditch the need for people’s approval.

6. Forgive yourself, learn from the experience

After taking time to process the event, forgive yourself and keep the past experience in mind so you don’t fall for something similar.

7. Show yourself compassion

Love yourself. Nobody loves you best than yourself.

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