On the 12th of March 2020, at Inspiration (92.3) FM office in Victoria Island, Lagos heralded the unveiling of a new radio drama aptly titled “NEWLAND”.

The unveiling included a press briefing which saw the gathering of selected journalists ranging from the television/radio presenters, newspaper reporters and bloggers where the facilitators of the new radio drama series gave a detailed breakdown of what to expect from the drama.

Speaking to newsmen at the briefing, the jolly producer of the drama and CEO of Bluescreen Production, Mr. Peter Atigogo informed that the drama was long overdue based on the expediency of national dilemma it seeks to address, He added that despite the fact that the drama is aimed for all and sundry, the target demography is the Nigerian youths whom he said are the determinant of the nation’s future progress or retrogression, hence, the drama is poised at teaching good morals, inculcating ethical values that would remain indelible in the minds of the young listeners from whence they would tap life changing lessons that will change the nation’s story positively.

Corroborating Peter Atigogo, the CEO of Inspiration FM, Mr. Azubike Osumili, who was present at the press briefing added that the steadfastness and persistence of Mr. Peter Atigogo was the decisive stroke that birthed the radio drama. According to him,  Mr Atigogo has sent him the proposal long ago for the program, but he wasn’t quick to accept it until he saw the passion with which the Bluescreen producer talked about the program.

He however stated that the time had to be right before he agreed to bring Inspiration FM in partnership with Bluescreen Production to give life to the radio drama series. Mr Azubike is confident that the message of the drama would hit home and definitely hit the target which is centred on the fight against corruption.

He noted that the get rich quick syndrome, cyber fraud and all manner of negative vices that has become quotidian for the Nigerian youths will be addressed with the aim of ingesting the youth with the need to be positive in all of their undertaking.

Mr Obinna Okolie, Head of Programs for Inspiration FM expressed delight at the program’s advent, hinting that the quality of the content is worthy of the put out. He thanked the Bluescreen Production team for such remarkable efforts centred on nation building and also highlighted that the CEO of Inspiration FM was hugely instrumental in making it a reality by accepting the hand of partnership extended by Mr. Peter Atigogo.

Mr Frederick Atigogo, Director of the radio drama series admitted that directing the drama series has been a fulfilling journey for him as he has been into television production and directing for over two decades but feels exceptionally glad to have been a part of the NEWLAND series as he maintains that the message contained in the drama is most suitable for radio, with its array on youthful listenership.

He also informed newsmen that NEWLAND has been in the pipeline since 2013 but was delayed with the initial hitches of low support they had till Inspiration FM came through. He extended his thanks to the management and staff of the radio station and praised Peter Atigogo and the team of Bluescreen Production for their undieing faith and vision.

Fielding questions from newsmen, Mr. Peter Atigogo informed that the program would kick off officially on Saturday, the 4th of April 2020 at exactly 6:30pm till 7:00pm on Inspiration FM, Lagos. He also informed that there is a pipeline work to ensure that the drama series airs on FRCN’s broad band and that there is also a plan to ensure that it reaches Nigerians in the Diaspora through the help of the internet; this he said is driven by his passion for a better Nigeria led by youths imbued with the right nationalistic spirit. “This is also part of my corporate social and cultural responsibility to my nation,” he concluded.

Also at the venue were some of the major cast of the NEWLAND radio drama series which includes Aaron Sunday, who played the lead role of Emerson Dokubo and Mr Victory Emuejekarohwo who played the supporting role of Okey Daniel.

Some Notable bloggers were also present at the unveiling as led by Mr. Godspower Oshodin, President, Nigerian Bloggers’ Forum.
Let’s keep a patriotic date with NEWLAND.

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