Nigerians reacts To Vietnam’s Plea to Nigerian Govt To Import Rice to Nigeria

Following the Nigerian government border closure against it neighboring countries, Benin and Niger Republics since August and lingering scarcity and high cost of rice, other countries are doing everything possible to negotiate with the Nigerian government so that they could import rice to Nigeria. Among these countries worthy of note is the People’s Republic of Vietnam.

As seen on twitter via,

”The Socialist Republic of Vietnam yesterday begged the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to appeal to the Federal Government to allow its country import rice to Nigeria at discounted rates.”

This attempt by the Vietnam authorities have all round negative reactions from the Nigerian societies as many were infuriated and perturbed as they took to the platform to exercise their resentments.

Read the comments below:

·2hReplying to @daily_trustSo so sorry we now have rice that if they want we can import for them……I never understand what oga meant till I started eating Nigeria made rice…..

·41mReplying to @daily_trustSo Vietnam is pleading to us to impoverish us! This is odd. Well, they can come secure land, grow rice and start the milling here. We can do this for them @A_Oshiomhole@ProfOsinbajo@vietnamenglish

Terfa Hemen #BBOG@terphill
·2hReplying to @daily_trustNo, we have abundant land. They can come and farm here

Ibrahim S Yammah@IYammah
·2hReplying to @daily_trustConsume your’s let’s ours be ours

Ibrahim Bununu@Bununu75
·1hReplying to @daily_trustSee what closure of boarder of poverty headquarters of the world can do to many wealthy nations.

Thriving Man@HonThrivingman
·2hReplying to @daily_trustHow can? Where – wear – were — sorry, Where is the social media regulator??? This is a hate speech!

musa kasim ahmad@MusaKhasim
·1hReplying to @daily_trustwith time everybody will understand what Baba is trying to do for our country.

Molaw@geeq38·2hReplying to @daily_trustSCAM


أحمد ابرهيم@tjbamals
·33mReplying to @daily_trust and @ahmad_tjbThey’ve turned Nigeria to a dumping ground. By importing their rice we develop their economy while ours remain stagnant. we can feed our country locally please! The economy of Cotonou, Niger & Togo is in our hands. We’ve closed boarder and they’ve been crying like a lost poppy.

Abdulmajeed Oladayo Abolaji@AbolajiOladayo·18mReplying to @daily_trustLet them come and farm the rice here and pay the “discounted rate” as tax. At least, they will still employ our people. Great deal I’m sure. Aswear too much sense wee nor kee me


Murtala Madobi@mcsteamie
·1hReplying to @daily_trustDen dey feel us for vietnam, Benin republic nko? naso.. Niger, cameroon nd co re feeln d heat too. Kudos Baba.

Memphis @FlexMaster_Nate·1hReplying to @daily_trustWill a Vietnamese court allow Nigeria do the same in their country? This is just a click bait headline, I’m sure it’s Nigerian importers that are behind this yeye move.

Father Africa@ReginaldNnabue
·32mReplying to @daily_trustEvery import of Rice equals exports of jobs that our local Rice production is now providing, and the much needed Forex being saved. Please Nigeria should beg Vietnam to allow us shortly to begin exporting Rice from Nigeria to them at much more discount than they propose.

Adamu Shuwa CNA@Adamxss
·1hReplying to @daily_trustDid we share border with Vietnam? Our country,our border,our region,our government. Let FG implement policy/policies suitable for our economic growth and development. We learned our mistakes.

Abbas Aliyu@__Muhammadd_
·37mReplying to @daily_trustThe Nigeria economic laws and import is there. Let them come in and farm in our land.

Aly Bunxa@BunxaAly
·23mReplying to @daily_trustWe have fertile land in Nigeria come down here and plant your rice.

Adesoji Adelore@es_adelore·13mReplying to @daily_trust and @toluogunlesiWhat manner of grammar is this? Vietnam can only EXPORT rice to Nigeria not import rice to us. I am with @toluogunlesi on this, let them set up mills in Nigeria. We cannot be exporting jobs to other Nations while our people are unemployed.

temitope wright@proudly_woman
·5mReplying to @daily_trustNo, we don’t need your rice. We have made so many of your rice farmers billionaires. We can produce our own rice thank you.

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