Not All Cats Are Wild – Bello Ridwan Oluwadamilare

Stereotypes, Bigotry, Ethnic chauvinism and negative religiosity are perfect analogies to explaining the above subject. God created us in kinds and varieties so we may traverse in his grace and mercy to acknowledge his mightiness and in extension to recognize our differences and create an atmosphere of beautiful complexities. Imagine all that you see around is white, everywhere would look pure but with time it would get monotonous; the human mind craves for adventures and new occurrences.

Originally, human minds are programmed to be inclined towards their kinds: an African man tends to feel safe in the company of his fellow African than he feels with a white man and vice versa. The pertinent understanding in such circumstances should be to evaluate the emotional and physical connectivities that warranted such character display. Allah said in the glorious Qur’an: ‘I have created you in kinds, colors, tribes so that you may recognise one another’. What a beautiful verse that lends credence to the fact of man being diverse in nature. All humans that are existing or have existed have a race, tribe or family they can be traced to and be found.

Since humans portray themselves as strict adherents of ‘Holy Scriptures’, exuding variants of religiosity in their daily endeavour. Some even tag themselves ‘holy’ considering the level of piousness one thinks he/she exhibits. Surprisingly, there’s no holy scripture that stresses the need to be a racist, bigot, or an ethnic, religious, gender chauvinist to be supreme. For the bottom line of all negative display of inhumanities is encircled around the desire of being superior, that myopic urge of thinking that our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and existence is more precious to the almighty than that of another man; what a blinkered thought!.

Consequently, you have seen individuals who proclaim to be saints, shed their holiness and take to arms to take back what wasn’t lost nor stolen from them, all in the name of a destructive spree against innocent lives. Mazi Chukwuebuka who hails from Isiala Ngwa, Abia State mirrors Ahmadu from the suburbs of Borno to be his born enemy– all thanks to the misfeeds transmitted to him by his forefathers of how Hausas have long trampled on their rights and killed their brothers. Ahmadu keeps his Daga to his side always, battle ready and eager to attain martyrdom, since Mallam Gana his grandfather had narrated what happened to his father in Enugu where he flourished as a businessman but had his light extinguished by the Igbos. Ifesinachi’s mind skips a beat always when he hears a loud whistle in the darkness of the night anytime he traverses the dark path of Sabon Gari, Kano. He becomes terrified as he reminisces the words of his father about Hausas, their ill temper and zero tolerance towards Igbos.

Men have lost their responsibilities in the hands of feministic idea purveyors who see men as nothing but evil, rapists and sexual predators but some men in the quest of being liberal, bootlick their superfluous stance. Such women threw the love their fathers showered on their mothers out of the window only to embrace cold bitterness of empty lies and vacuous beliefs.

Women are potential cheats. Nothing you do for them is ever enough, they would still sleep with another man and pin the responsibilities of pregnancy on you, says a neanderthal with a phallus dangling between his thighs. He cares not to appreciate the love, affection and care his mother showered on him before he lost his cerebral functionalities.

A Muslim man living in Southern Kaduna who lives piously in his hut, is painted to be a murderer, jihadist, child molester, since news brings it to ears that thousands of non-muslims are being murdered without a flinch of consciousness in the hearts of these Mephistophelian counterparts. A Christian man, pious, gentle and soft hearted is considered a potential enemy since he parades himself in the light of a distinct belief. How long do we heal ourselves of this mediocrity of the mind? How long shall the killings persist before we source for recourse in unity and fight against our common enemy which is hatred deeply seated in the hearts of some individuals regardless of their racial attachment, religiosity, ethnic group; they hide under the guise of these powerful tools to perpetrate atrocities that stings even the devil’s heart and yet our blind arguments would still be centered around ‘Igbos hating Hausas’, ‘Christians killing Muslims’, ‘Muslims plucking lives out of innocent Christians’. Let me be clear, they are happy that we do not see beyond the façade and we keep ruining ourselves in war and animosity. It’s high time we saw beyond their plot and combat them in a warlike mannerism.

Conclusively, we all need to stand up for what’s ours and cultivate the habit of respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence towards one another. We all belong to different climes that’s absolutely true.

Edited by : Mazi Ifésináchi Nwádiké.

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