Opinion: Kanu wants Arsenal to sign an experienced coach but they need more than that

English Premier League side, Arsenal are in the worst year of their existence, the team which formally make it to the top four at least during the days of Arsene Wenger are now struggling to perform.

Following the departure of Wenger, the Gunners went ahead to sign Unai Emery, who was unable to go beyond two seasons as the points were not improving.


The club is now under an interim coach Freddie Ljungberg at least for the rest of the season but former Nigerian Super Eagles captain and Arsenal legend, Kanu Nwankwo is already hoping his former club will sign a new coach.

Kanu in his statement said Arsenal needs an experienced coach to perform. The talented ex-footballer in a statement with News Agency of Nigeria NAN said,

”The recent poor performances of Arsenal FC can improve with experienced management. I know every fan is disappointed with the games the club have been playing of recent. This is not the same Arsenal people used to know. But, all the same, we can still turn it around.

“We have a new interim coach, Freddie Ljungberg, but things are not really going on well for him. When you have players, they should always tell themselves the truth. The players alone cannot be blamed, but the entire management also. But it is clear that Arsenal are not where they are supposed to be, they have to change a lot of things and ensure that they return to the basics.”

While Kanu is right in his statement, one should note that Arsenal have had two experienced coaches in the persons of Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery, it means Arsenal have issues aside getting an experienced coach.

The first thing is the club management are not ready to spend like the other top four clubs in England.

While many fans were always out to blame Wenger for spending so low on players, it became obvious during the reign of Emery that the board were not pumping enough into the club.

And the coach are left with no other option than to sign average players with low fees while other big clubs go for the best.

If Arsenal must get things right then they must sign an experience coach and at the same time be ready to spend big on players or else signing an experience coach without financing the club will still yield the same result.

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