People who pass others numbers without permission have a place in hell – Toke Makinwa declares

Controversial lifestyle and fashion Vblogger cum author, Toke Makinwa in her recent update slammed those who send other peoples number with permission.

Toke Makinwa added that such people have a place in hell. She also challenge those who goes straight to Whatsapping some they don’t know, stating that it is wrong.

She said, “Instant messaging is supposed to be quick. If I’m going to chat somebody up via WhatApp, which I think is wrong most especially when I don’t really know you I go straight to the point. How hard can that be? Just be direct.

You find people that would send you messages on WhatsApp and be like: ‘Hi’ — one line. ‘I hope your day is going okay’ — one line. I don’t know if it’s a good time to call you’ — one line. Dude, you could have written everything in one message and sent it! I’ll read and respond to you at a convenient time.

“Why do you always feel the need to break all your messages? Do you know where the person is or what they’re doing? Somebody messaged me at 1 am. I was in bed. Even if you’re in a different timezone, can you not check? I thought it was the service providers. But I kept hearing beeps.

“Those that WhatsApp-video people, I can stone you. I don’t know you from anywhere, we just met or maybe you got my number from somebody. Yet you go ahead to make the video call. Those people who pass on other people’s number, there’s a place for you in hell.

“What if my wig is not on? What if I’m having sex? What if I’m praying? It’s not acceptable! Some people don’t deserve having phones. Just respect people’s privacy, that’s what I’,m talking about. When you collect peoples’ number, you don’t just go straight to WhatsApping them. I really think it’s wrong” she added.

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