Pope Francis urges the USA and Iran to allow room for dialogue

Top Religious leader, Pope Francis in a recent statement has spoken about the growing tension between the United States of America and Iran.

The Pope urged the two countries to allow room for dialogue and self-restraint.

Pope Francis in a statement reported by Aljazeera while speaking on the state of the world said “Particularly troubling are the signals coming from the entire region following the heightening of tensions between Iran and the United States.”

He added that the tensions risked “compromising the gradual process of rebuilding in Iraq, as well as setting the groundwork for a vaster conflict that all of us would want to avert”.

The growing tension between the US and Iran came following the assassination of Qasem. In a form of retaliation, Iran shot over dozens of missiles on two US bases in Iraq, according to reports.

However, the US stated that there were no casualties.

At the moment, international bodies are calling on the two countries to give room for peace.

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