Safety Tips To Avoid Ritual Killers This December

The festive season is here again and with it, comes an increase in one ‘chance’ killings, kidnapping, and ritualism.

Because it’s that period that requires a lot of spending, showoff and partying, some people are ready to do all it takes to make money damning the consequences.

Your safety is of utmost priority hence here are ways you can stay safe from ritualists as you go about this festive season.

1. Be conscious of the bus, cab or keke you board

Many of those who have fallen victims to ritual killers revealed it was via the bus or cab they boarded. This is because it is like the easiest way to get their victims.

Before you board any bus or cab, take your time to look at the people inside carefully although, in recent times, they are becoming more strategic with their looks. If they look suspicious or strange, then do not enter.

Preferably opt to seat at the door and also make sure the windows can fully wound down and the doors can open from inside in case you need to plan an escape. Also, avoid irrelevant discussion or communication with fellow passengers so that you are focused and calm in case something goes wrong.

Lastly, go with your instincts. If your instincts say you shouldn’t enter the bus don’t force it.

2. Avoid dark places and staying out late

Because a lot of evil is perpetuated in the dark, it is safer to avoid dark places and corners that are lonely and quiet. This is because it is easy for a ritualist to waylay his victim under this cover.

Also, try to reduce and minimize late-night outings as much as possible to avoid stories that touch. If for any reason you plan to, then its best you are in the company of someone else.

Traveling at night is also a no-no at this period.

3. Say no to free rides from strangers

This is especially for the ladies. Even though the idea of a free ride from a stranger is very tempting and enticing, learn to say no politely. It is better to get home late and safe than to sorry. If you have been doing this please beware.

4. Don’t travel to meet any Facebook or social media friend

So that facebook friend in another state that you haven’t met before has been disturbing you to come and visit him this yuletide period, do not travel, it’s risky.

There has been one too many incidences of people especially ladies being raped, kidnapped and killed after meeting someone they were talking to via social media. The Christmas period is even more sensitive, hence it is better to be safe than sorry.

Better still, convince him to come to visit you instead and you guys must meet in a public place only. If possible, take a friend along.

5. Know the types of events you attend

Lots of events, parties, and celebrations take place this period but not all are genuine. If you are the type that likes following friends up and down to parties even though you don’t know the organiser personally, you need to be at alert. It may just be a trap by ritual killers.

You won’t die if you don’t attend that party, will you?

6. Be wary directions to strangers

Before you stop to answer a stranger asking for directions, look at the appearance of the person and also look at your surroundings. Don’t get too close to the person to avoid any form of body contact and being jazzed. You can also choose to ignore them if your instincts tell you too.

7. Communicate your whereabouts

As a safety precaution, always let those close to you know where you are going no matter how short the distance may be. Communicate your movements to at least one person, could be a friend or family member. This would help in case any emergency arises.

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