Senate calls on Pres. Buhari to address the country on coronavirus

The Nigerian Senate has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to address the country on the issue of coronavirus pandemic.

They made the call during plenary today March 18th after debating a matter of urgent public importance at Wednesday’s plenary session.

The Senators during its deliberation, asked the Federal Government to restrict large gatherings in the country as a means of preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

See what the Nigerian Senators resolved below;

“Senate resolves to:

1. Urge Mr. President, C-in-C to address the nation on the situation of the Covid-19 in Nigeria;

2. Urge the Federal Government to take more precautionary measures including but not limited to travel bans, restrictions on large gatherings, tighter border controls, stringent checking of people coming into Nigeria including mandatory 14 day quarantine, banning of some… …countries and other measures that the Federal Government deem fit to take;

3. Urge the Federal Government and Nigerians to keep abreast of all measure related to Coronavirus worldwide;

4. Urge the Senate to give full support to the Federal Government in fighting the menance of Coronavirus;

5. Urge the Federal Government to open testing centres in each state of the Federation;

6. Urge the Federal Government to stop airlines coming in from countries known to have been affected with the Coronavirus;

7. Government should urge corporate organizations, including schools, offices, restaurants, mosques, churches and indeed our homes to make regular hand washing mandatory;

8. Urge the Federal Government to shut down all international airports except Abuja and Lagos to ensure proper check of citizens coming in;

9. Urge the federal, state and local government in charge of department of public heath to ensure all public health requirements and hygiene be properly monitored in accordance with the health enactment of state and local government;

10. Urge the Federal government to ensure and immediately constitute a meeting of the National Council of Health to harmonize their responses and advocacy to Covid-19;

11. Urge the government to enforce the quarantine of Nigerian citizens coming from countries that have been declared high risk; and

12. The federal government should set up a special intervention fund for the purpose of tackling this Coronavirus;”

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