#SexForGrades: Nigerians call out ASUU for keeping silent

Nigerians on Twitter have called out the Academic Staff Union of Universities ASUU for keeping quiet over the misconduct of some of their members especially on sexual harassment of female students.

This comes after BBC released a documentary on sexual harassment in West African Universities with Nigeria and Ghana being at the top of the list.

A senior lecturer in Unilag, Boniface was alleged to be involved in sexual misconduct with female students.

Below are some of the tweets from Nigerians;

I saw ASUU trending.. I first thought that they are already planning on embarking on another strike… Thank God it’s the #sexforgrades issue.
Shame on ASUU already, because it was well aware for decades that its members extorted & raped students, but acted ONLY to protect them. Now it’s a global story, let us see if they have global shame.
Shame on ASUU if they dont release a statement condemning and formulating a plan to address #sexforgrades. These are very devastating stories. #Sexforgrades is evil but raping pregnant women is on another satanic level.
Those old vultures in ASUU are mute, in PH the story is worst. A guy that has no money to pay or babe to bring will carry over that course until the lecturer resigns or dies or God specially intervances . BBC come to UNIPORT /RUST U will open channel in DSTV

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