Sir Anthony Ritossa 14th Global Investment Summit: The gathering of ideas and stars

The 14th edition of the Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summit is set to hold.

The meeting which is usually held in Dubai, is a gathering of captains of industries and entrepreneurs from across the world, to bring them under on platform to exchange ideas, contacts and business prospects.

The event is set to hold between March 28th and March 30th in Dubai, UAE.

Speaking about the forthcoming event, many participants of previous editions from across walks of business life commended the organisers of the event and spoke very highly of what opportunities the event presents to those who do attend.

“We had an amazing experience at our last Global Investment Summit, and it was really important for us to come back to do another one”, Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association said, speaking on the in-person value of the summit aside the opportunities widely available in the summit.

According to Ajay K. Gupta, CEO; “the conference is really the reason we are here”.

He emphasized that his firm being a growing firm, they are looking to take the next step, hence they are in the summit to seek investors and the Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Investment Summit is the right place to be.

Xolali Zigah, Founder and Chairman of Cash Angel said; “Sir Anthony event is for me, the atmosphere, the event and the level of people you are meeting in this summit”.

Tatiana Koffman, Founder of Koffman Group, speaking on the essence of the summit to her, said some of the personal and strongest business connections she has made in the year have been by being able to meet people in person.

“It just makes sense to be in Dubai. Dubai is an international hub, the attitude to business is very open”, Antonio Del Giudice, Founder & Managing Director of Beniel Consultancy DWC LLC said.



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