• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Tein Jack-Rich: A Vista of Hope for the African Continent

In Africa, a major challenge that the continent has suffered through the yonks, has been the challenge of decrepit and archaic leaders, who are disconnected from the realities of modern day. And this is sadly so, because, these has been the reason why development on the continent has been sloggish.

Another paradox of the continent, is that the continent is not bereft of talents and innovators, howbeit, these individuals have not been given a chance to prove themselves.

One of such distinguished Africans, is Tein Jack-rich, a man, whom through his antecedents has displayed capacity to handle critical role in building accountability for successful economic transformation, representation, and public service.

No doubt, leadership can be displayed in various forms, and Jack-rich’s antecedents in the private sector, as renowned humanitarian, and his industrial propencity and ideologies are a clear indication, that the African continent we envisaged, that appears utopian, can as well become our reality.  

Jack-rich’s tasteful success in the private sector, building Nigeria’s first oil exploration company has made him exemplary amongst Nigerian Youth and Africa at large. Jack-rich shoulders the valour and Visionary Leadership that was displayed by great Pan-Africanist like Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, and Nyerere. 

With Jackrich, it is obvious that the Hope for defined leadership still stroll in our corridors.

He has shown his reliability that, if given the opportunity, to take the helm of governance, he can built solid institutions that will cater for the country’s needs, while making the system viable enough for every Nigerians to be carried along.

Ofcourse, his effontery to lead and create new opportunities in the face of test-of-times lingers in the lives he has touched. He is a symbol of clinical practice, as he is fast implementing the kind of Leadership Prof PLO Lumumba keeps preaching about across Africa.

Nations are built by those who understand the values of coming from nowhere to be somebody. Jack-rich is a detribalized Nigerian with interests across the country, which aren’t a display of his Entrepreneurial prowess alone,  but his core mandate has been his relationships with people, and his unalloyed desire in touching lives.

They say the south south of Nigeria greatest resource is the black gold, but while others kept seeing oil, Jack-rich only sees water for those who cannot access clean water. No doubt, his sense for humanity has made him empower millions of Nigerians find a path in education, community engagement, and trust for their future.

Is it not obvious that Tien Jack-rich has displayed moral integrity over the last couple of years…. With all he has done, he has shown that he can preside over this great Nation call Nigeria. Our eyes still rove, as we look around Jack-rich’s corner to guide this country!

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