The past tomorrow…….

“Yesterday” is the day that precedes “today” and it has in its stock, a reservoir of experiences from which lessons on how to live a desirable tomorrow can be learnt. These experiences, either good or bad, have always been the best teacher anyone can have at any time, away from the four walls of a school and most importantly pro-bono i.e free of charge.

Apart from its wide range of lessons on how man can have a fine “today and tomorrow”, “yesterday” should now belong to the past, to the old and to the then. “Yesterday” belongs to history!

Having handed over the baton to “today” without any human or nature – driven interceptions, a motion is already set in for “today” to continue in like-manner so that a potential “tomorrow” can assume its responsibilities and take charge. This age-long procession from time immemorial, is sacrosanct. It is “fait accompli”….

Unfortunately, some “tomorrows” may have already come and gone, even before their conceptualization. When you have a “tomorrow” that has been predicted to be beauty – personified, but which suddenly emerges, wearing rags and old-fashioned regalia, with a wrinkled face, looking ostensibly dejected and with tears dropping from eyes downwards, then it is either there is no future at all or it is unassuring. Away from being metaphorical, the planet we are living in is a composition of a large chunk of dependent and powerless inhabitants who will never have it all good, well and pleasant ( born and will die impoverished and/or diseased).
Their faith or religiousness will be ineffectual because it is a mystery begging to be unraveled.

PS: The most vulnerable people and nations of the world are the most religious.

Another “tomorrow” many had tipped to be a compensating one and that which will cancel out some of the failures of “yesterday and today”. The one that promises to be full of so many goodies, fulfilment, peaceful mind, less conflicts and wars, advancement in technology, good health system capable of combating any diseases known by man, serene environment, perfect companionship, graceful ageing and so on. All these may have been enjoyed by very few but a lot will still not.

Agreed that the future is full of hopes, pseudo-hopes and uncertainties, it is usually a result of man’s actions, decisions, small coincidences and a bit of luck. This littlest bit of luck is attributable to divinity _ The Creator _ who, we know only helps those who help themselves.

Everywhere in the world, a small percentage of people who are opportuned to be strategically positioned are deciding whether the remaining bulk of the world should have that desirable beautiful tomorrow or not. This fraction of people are the shapers and deciders of our future. They determine how long the rest of the world’s inhabitants will live on earth. They orchestrate unnecessary wars and social unrest. They trigger unwanted apprehension among people. They invent diseases and still discover their antidotes. They erect boundaries and walls on nations’ territories to cause unnecessary patriotism among citizens of neighbouring villages. Yet, they overstep their limits by encroaching on other countries social, political and economic environment. They preach civility, here and there, but they are not civil in their disposition. They are devil’s incarnate on earth.

Their ingenuity, sophistication and intelligence in politics, science and technology are so massive that whatever actions taken within their geographical territories have far-reaching consequences that leave the rest of the world helpless and hopeless. As harmful as these consequences are, they change the trajectory of “tomorrows” of lots of optimistic souls. Smaller nations that do not align accordingly become easy preys. If they are not punished economically, they will suffer limitations in other areas. In turn, innocent citizens face poverty. Trans-border diseases and infections are given free entry, thereby shortening lives and disrupting many beautiful personal and developmental national plans.
As a result of all of these, the beautiful “tomorrows” of persons and countries would have already been decided, today.

In an interview with Al-Jazeerah, a US- based TV station last Sunday, the UN Secretary -General Antonio Guterres was quizzed on how the body could stop the continued spread of COVID-19 outbreak which has been a global threat to lives and economies all over the world, and to prevent a similar occurrence in future. The programme anchor was obviously accusing certain world powers (now a public knowledge). The UN scribe in an attempt not to be misconstrued and without taking any sides, used diplomacy in answering questions thrown at him. But the world cannot continue to suffer the recklessness and unguarded actions of these two super powers _ all to achieve some aim. To prove invincibility or what?
They must be reminded that Israel was once a super power to reckon with. Where is Germany of Adolf Hitler today? USSR was broken and its fall out gave birth to the independence and autonomy of some countries. The United Kingdom, US and the likes will never forget the aftermath of the Great Depression during the 1930s. This too will surely expire and I pray it should, soon.

Conoravirus is not a wrath of God. It is man’s inhumanity to fellow man. It is man’s stupid way of letting the entire humanity doubt the possible existence of a “tomorrow” somewhere. Coming to the world should not only be a privilege _ as some world powers want us to accept _ with their inordinate selfish egoistic ambitions, each and every world inhabitant also has the right to live in a free, peaceful, disease – free and prosperous world, irrespective of where they are born.

Opinion of Kola GANIYU

Kolawole Ganiyu

Kola is an Economics graduate of University of Ibadan. He derives pleasure in fictional writings and contemporary articles arising from keen observation of events - political and socio-cultural.

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