These Tips Will Help You Create The Perfect Hashtag For Your Wedding

Creating a wedding hashtag is one of the trends that is not about to leave the scene anytime soon.

Asides the fact that it’s fun and trendy, it also makes your wedding stand out especially on social media.

Are you brainstorming on your wedding hashtag? We got you covered. This post will give you tips on how to create your own unique wedding hashtag.

1. Use Your Names

The easiest and most obvious place to start is with your names. Make a list of first names, last names, maybe even middle names, nicknames. It doesn’t always have to be the first letters, any cute mashup will do too.

2.Play With Words

For couples that embrace a sense of humor, this is your moment! Another way to add some fun to your wedding hashtag is to use some wordplay. It could be synonyms, rhymes or inside jokes, a sentence then you add them to your names or initials. Eg: #thegfshow

3.Capitalize Each Word

Another way to increase legibility and comprehension of your hashtag-gold is to capitalize each word, ensuring that your creativity and punny sense of humor is properly appreciated. If anyone forgets the capitals, you’re still covered—your hashtag will pull photos either way.

4. Add Numbers

Sometimes when you both have common names and you’re having a hard time finding a hashtag you haven’t heard a gazillion times, you can just throw in some numbers. Some people use the year of the wedding, but if you don’t want that, a string of numbers that mean something will do like #BAAD17

5.Play With Order

Once you’ve got a short-list, scan your options for potential typos, spelling mistakes, and general confusion. Avoid same letters next to each other; swapping the order of names could be the simplest solution. For example, #BARAANDBAMBI to avoid duplicate letters being placed right next to each other.

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