Throw Back Friday: Some Bizzaire Football Facts You Do Not Know

Football and sports generally unite the world, individuals who are known as fans have National teams, Clubs, Players they are fond of, love to watch and tender their overwhelmingly supports. All these brings the unity and funs out of the game of football.

Here are some bizzaire football facts you do not know, that you basically need to know and be equipped with;



1. Ray Wilkins is the first player in history to join Manchester United from Chelsea.

2. While Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s youth team was 4:0 down ,he came in as a substitute and scored 8 goals.

3. Ronaldinho first gained media attention when his youth team won 23:0. He scored all the 23 goals.

4. Chelsea has been relegated more times than they have won the EPL title.

5. The difference between Messi’s age and Ronaldo’s age is 869 days, the same difference as between Messi’s son and Ronaldo’s son.

6. Only one GOLD premier league trophy has been awarded, and it was to Arsenal. Because in 2003/2004 season,they didn’t lose any match.

7. Christiano Ronaldo was expelled from school at the age of 14, after throwing a chair at his teacher for mocking his family’s financial status.

8. When Jose Mourinho says you have a bright future,it means you can’t make his team at the present.

9. Harry Kane have scored over 150+ goals, without winning a trophy.

10. Luka Modric is the only player to win the world cup golden ball, UEFA POTY, FIFA the best & Ballon’dor in a single year.

11. The last time Liverpool won the league,27 out of their 29 current players were not born yet.

12. Paraguay’s Goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert scored more goals 67 in 700 matches to Fernando Torres 65 in 125 appearances.

12. Leo Messi is the only player to score 92 goals in a single calendar year.

13. In 1967, Nigerian Civil War was stopped for two days because both sides (Nigeria and Biafra) wanted to watch Pele play a match.

14. The World Cup trophy was stolen in both 1966 and 1983.


Which number surprised you the most? Because this Throwback Friday.

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