Timi Frank, His Sublime Achievements And Staggering Prospects

Seunmanuel Faleye

In April 2018, at the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting, held at United Kingdom, President Muhammadu Buhari made the infamous comment of regarding Nigerian Youths as ‘Lazy’, and that their approach to work and life were only to get on the gravy train.

Nigerians criticized the country’s first citizen, for his drone on, and insensitive statement. More succinctly, his critiques posited that his comments lacked merit and did not lend credence to the exploits that young Nigerians are making in all works of life, both locally and globally.
One of such distinguished Nigerians that is a product to beat ones chest for anywhere around the world, is the ever youthful Timi Frank.

This is so, because, the travails, triumphs and testimonies of this Bayelsa State born business hunk cum socio-political activist is noteworthy. Everything about him sets him apart from the crowd.

Unconventional in his choices and approach, Frank learnt the ropes of plying legitimate Oil and Gas trades, and he diligently followed the trajectory, till he became successful in the business. Today, he is the MD/CEO of T and Global Oil Services Limited.

This feat is remarkable, and worth celebrating for someone who was born and bred in South-South Nigeria, a geopolitical region of the country, renowned for being the base of numerous militant groups, that have gained notoriety for vandalizing government facilities, disrupting oil supplies in the region and kidnapping of oil workers, especially foreign expatriates.

For those who know him closely, they were all unanimous in their description of Frank as a warm gentleman, with a personae that makes one around him feel safe. No doubt, his excellent human relations has worked for him both in business and his private life.

An impeccable communicator, as the former Deputy Press Secretary of All Progressives Congress, APC, Frank positioned the party in the public eyes as a populist party with people oriented policies. After he quitted the party, things changed, as the APC has continued to take dive into the earth as the days goes by.

An unapologetic protagonist and frontline crusader of a Nigeria that works, where the aspirations of Nigerians are fulfilled. Frank’s passion is succinctly conveyed in a statement he signed, when he left the ruling APC. It reads in bit:
“…after extensive reflection and consultation, to leave the APC and to commence afresh the struggle to reestablish the rule of law, respect for the fundamental human rights of Nigerians and the restoration of justice, fairness and equity in the conduct of affairs in this country, irrespective of the personality that may be at the helm of affairs at any given time.

Even in his he state, Frank has continued to lend a voice to what he believes is fair for all, this is in consonance with his egalitarian ideologies and poise to be the voice of the voiceless.

For always standing by the truth, and for being so vociferous, there has been multiple threat to Frank’s life. Yet, the highly stubbornly willed activist has resolved not to be intimidated or deterred.

With his antecedents, it is no doubt that the days ahead holds more promise for Frank, and we hope the country benefits more from his benevolence and rear brilliance.

Seunmanuel Faleye

Seunmanuel Faleye is a covert writer, and an overt creative head. He is intensely fluid and communicates properly with both his pen and verbally. He is Film and TV content producer by the day, and, a news reporter and storyteller at night. He holds a B.A.(Hons.) in Philosophy from ADEKUNLE AJASIN UNIVERSITY AKUNGBA-AKOKO, ONDO STATE. Asides his numerous investment interests, he plans to own a chocolate factory some day.

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