Trump wishes Kim Jong Un happy 36th Birthday

Amidst the growing tension between the United States and Iran, President Donald Trump created time to send a birthday message to infamous dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, who celebrated his 36th birthday on 8th of January.

According to South Korea’s National Security Advisor Chung Eui-Yong in a statement on Friday, he said the U.S Trump sent a happy birthday message to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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Chung had met Trump in Washington on January 8th and he told reporters that he was given a message to pass to North Korea which delivered on that day.

The National Security Adviser said, “the day we met was Kim Jong Un’s birthday and President Trump remembered this and asked me to deliver the message”.

Kim Jong Un of North Korea is popular in the Asian continent for testing ballistic missiles in a form of show of strength despite warning from the international community.

He took over from his father in 2011.

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