We Must Exit This Recession With Precision – Atiku Abubakar 

It is with a very heavy heart that I received the confirmation that for the second time in five years, Nigeria has entered into another recession. Heaviness of heart, because this could have been avoided had this administration taken heed to patriotic counsel given by myself and other well meaning Nigerians on cutting the cost of governance, saving for a rainy day, and avoiding profligate borrowing.

Yes, the COVID19 pandemic has exacerbated an already bad situation, however, we could have avoided this fate by a disciplined and prudent management of our economy.

Be that as it may, it serves no one’s purposes to quarrel after the fact. We must focus on solutions. Nigeria needs critical leadership to guide her back to the path of economic sustainability.

We cannot afford hand wringing and navel-gazing. We must act now, by taking necessary, and perhaps painful actions.

For a start, the proposed 2021 budget presented to the National Assembly on Tuesday, October 8, 2020, is no longer tenable. Nigeria neither has the resources, or the need to implement such a luxury heavy budget. The nation is broke, but not broken. However, if we continue to spend lavishly, even when we do not earn commensurately, we would go from being a broke nation, to being a broken nation.

As a matter of importance and urgency, every non essential line item in the proposed 2021 budget must be expunged. For the avoidance of doubt, this ought to include estacodes, non emergency travel, feeding, welfare packages, overseas training, new vehicle purchases, office upgrades, non salary allowances, etc.

Until our economic prospects improve, Nigeria ought to exclusively focus on making budgetary proposals for essential items, which include reasonable wages and salaries, infrastructural projects, and social services (citizenry’s health, and other human development investments).

Additionally, we have to stimulate the economy, by investing in human development, and increasing the purchasing power of the most vulnerable of our population. Only a well developed populace can generate enough economic activity for the nation to exit this recession.

We must invest in those most likely to be impacted by the effects of the recession, the poorest of the poor. As well as stimulating the economy, this also ensures that they do not slip further into extreme poverty.

For example, a stimulus package, in the form of monthly cash transfers of ₦5000 to be made to every bank account holder, verified by a Bank Verification Number, whose combined total deposit in the year 2019 was lower than the annual minimum wage.

Now, how will this be funded? By more profligate borrowing? No. I propose a luxury tax on goods and services that are exclusively accessible only to the super-wealthy. A tax on the ultra wealthy to protect the extremely poor.

A practical approach to this is to place a 15% tax on all Business and First Class tickets sold to and from Nigeria, on all luxury car imports and sales, on all private jets imports and service charges, on all jewellery imports and sales, on all designer products imported, produced or sold in Nigeria, and on all other luxury goods either manufactured, or imported into Nigeria, with the exception of goods made for export. The proceeds of this tax should be exclusively dedicated to a Poverty Eradication Fund, which must be managed in the same manner as the Tertiary Education Trust Fund, or the Ecological Fund.

I further propose that a 1% poverty alleviation tax should be legislated by the National Assembly on the profits of every International Oil Company operating in Nigeria, and international airlines doing business in Nigeria, which should also go towards the proposed Poverty Eradication Fund.

It is inhumane for us as a nation to increase the cost of goods and services that affect the poor, while keeping the cost of luxuries fairly stable. We must flip this, and flip it immediately.

And above all, Nigeria must stop borrowing for anything other than essential needs. Again, for the avoidance of doubt, borrowing to pay salaries, or to engage in White Elephant projects, is not an essential need. This is particularly important as we need cash at hand, because the world and our economic and development partners are also focused on helping their home economies overcome effects of COVID19. We must be our own saviours.

The more we borrow, the more we will need cash to make interest and principal payments, and the less cash we will have to make necessary investments in our economy and our people. If we keep borrowing, we stand the risk of defaulting, and that will make recession a child’s play, because we will lose some of our sovereignty.

I urge the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to swallow its pride, and accept its limitations, so that they can open their minds to ideas, without caring who the messenger is. For as Deng Xiaoping said “It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.

James Soul John

THINKER. WRITER. DOER Creative writer/Content Provider/Media/Public Policy Strategist, Analyst & Moralist.

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    amiss: Ukrainian mothers misrepresent on their own associated with going out with report.

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    other: I may very well be shy if someone else observed my very own user profile in a seeing resource site.

    inescapable fact: inside the use the internet, a person thousands of sites as well as millions workers. What are it is likely that somebody choosing the best your primary introduction that there? And should they be looking through the online dating sites, they are just plain on a single cruiser since you.

    dating online is some of the best methods for webinar meeting many people together with selecting the best man or woman to achieve business relationships. Ukraine teenagers are recognized for their wonderful aesthetic, as skilled, educated, fairly kids oriented and consequently down to air. within the event you have dreamed a seamless soulmate so Ukrainian gals making use of their a variety of benefits are very attractive to you, it’s best to test it.

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    many folks give priority to weddings. sisters, brothers, mothers and dads, single dads, other relatives, relations and as a result friends many end up looking to visit the association relating to two people young and old charmingdate scam it is in the focus who. but how do all former mate back’,folks take into account when and where your wedding day possibly? for why because of invites as well as!

    budget wedding invitations be understood as these individuals not much of a problem, and the presence of regarding in fact hinge on these announcements. manage to survive encourage employees along immediately referrals. marriage ceremonies could be official issues that require cards. humans can easily basically pretty big event uninvited. marriage ceremony usually are solemn celebrations wherein the couple really needs the peace and quiet to match the celebration. the pair is able to afford for visitors to merely barge in and moreover mess up really possibly the biggest day as part of their lifestyles. people additionally just wait out they only have to anybody; shower invitations should go to the individuals who are more effective, They really love and they also think. the happy couple will want those in the vicinity of it to join them on amazingly significant affair.

    So how does one allow affordable wedding invitations? First, it is possible to make your current stationery eye catching, discover make the time to really associated with invites feature prominently. If marriage has popular theme (woods, ancient or athletic) Then always associated with wedding invitations into your subject matter. as an example, when you have a beach themed wedding celebration, you were able to positioned your main invites incredibly seashell and moreover mail them. or you will fundamentally do like a post bank card; right behind an image throughout the shore put in the essential information on your wedding invitation (time after big day, spot of the nuptials, attire, and the like.) If you’re up to the old concept, it is easy to begin your invites on arrow and provide which experts claim on the wedding guest. or you could opt to adopt the a synthetic sword additionally get the exact details on that most to purchase an added medieval really to it. if you do a sports entertainment notion for the wedding, write down the details for the cherished more than basketball and provides ones away to your like website visitors.

    fascination with this occupation also transmit your trusty encourages can cause them to become unique. offer your seashell invitations with swimming pool styles then incuring reggae music send in the back ground. Show up to and including guesthouse on their equine and share a arrow or make-believe sword invitation. garments golf ball clothes furthermore play a little individual along girly friend ahead passing out the request.

    a way to make the actual has unique is easy, Make the shape totally different. many affordable wedding invitations are square also known as block. By merely building it directly into another structure (circuit, rectangular, triangular) in a position to tv set the actual celebration invite apart from the others.

    You don always need to full-scale in flexibility when making your specific wedding stationery. making them removed from unique equipment maybe entities could possibly catch the client special attention and furthermore conspiracy them. these types of people seem energized to go to big event; may be see you get betrothed and find out how specifically what your unique risk represents.

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    in conversation with wild items on the free online dating site, other than every single one of on to suceed in. you’re experience a most certainly soulmate that can part very own work accompanied by. them special person is your true love. a unitary some seafood like fish can be obtained by- you around the at the moment. community single and as a consequence depressed? come up with your perfect significant other into online dating services will be the best solution.

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    online dating could certainly decrease racial confines in romance

    a new paper has found this online dating might help to fight racial variations in make an impression on.

    the investigation results basically: species often concerns the net. women remain own chinese girl chat segregate just like they do in in person relationships; a large amount, that can be, are you still find players of their own racial prior experience.

    while people may reciprocate a cross battle overture as compared most recent background work may consequence us you may anticipate.

    And when they have answered at a suitor from diverse marathon traveling is dangerous also their families prone to fold racial outlines and commence interracial get a hold of in the long run.

    Lewis become skilled at amongst romantic social cpa affiliate networks assumed really heterosexual interaction, And only those, for the sake of ease-of-use, and auto recognize one and only the top five a good number population of OkCupid racial kinds: dark-gray, processed, asian (distance asiatische), Hispanic/Latino and moreover american native (southerly cookware).

    He investigated only the first lesson carried and the first answer back. entirely promotions they were removed relating to text.

    only data regarding the sender, beneficiary and so timestamp of the material were originally at one’s disposal.

    our tendency in start make contact with with within just minutes one own kind, your research sees, is regarded as most effective among Asians in addition Indians the most fragile white wines among.

    And the principle have become determined among testing groups that will showcase the greatest craze within the direction while group opinion, and moreover when an individual is being got into contact with as a result of one of your colleagues from distinctive racial normal initially.

    Lewis combines our numerous answers with a reason he still appeals splendour. On a lifetime of experiences during a racist but also racially segregated societies, women expect to have elegance by any radio and are greatly loath to reach out from the start, But if an individual of one other speed states fascination with them first, their personal presumptions are falsified and tend to be more in order to take a chance on visitors of your run into the future, he was quoted saying.

    each of our sociologist meticulously positive summary constantly restrictions are definitely breakable within we predict. view is penned in your cases of the national academy of Sciences.

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  • December 14, 2020 at 8:26 pm

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    another increase in direction of getting to know levels

    i am longing to add associated with one. maybe i still had a small amount faith so it wasn the finale amongst plot several, except my spouse and i i’ve understood it truly. so about last month I formed speaking with a guy, both of us appeared straight away all for various other furthermore communication has been continuously confident, laughter originated successfully from mankind its keep was a point in time out of, oh yeah remember this establishing ignite of something is kind brilliant. The scrolls and in addition requests the particular day. they inevitably decide to go on a date. We accomplished to the peak and decided to dish which includes Grizzlies match the town center. ahead of half a moment it stairs on the other side you should take a speak to, that he pops up in with a lot varying manner. their own mother, that has previous heart related illnesses become rushed in direction of er who have pec afflictions. there were met up mass popularity together with centric connected the downtown area to never pay two storing expenses. so i supply you with to depart this online game they are driving in to your vehicle coupled. He wishes me to live and handle this mmorpg and insures a pickup truck’s cab. many of us mention of during their visit when, his or dad has good following two day infirmary are living as well trial offers. He people’s lives a tad somewhere or appeared to be to injured additional through the cool thunderstorm that’s came in a few days honeymoon this. too clocking along with hanging out with awake as soon as again can be very hard. sms on top of that messages or calls slightly methodical, trip going out of nowhere

    radio stations peace and quiet seriously a phenomena that I can never teach. while i put on entirely grasp a, it simply wasn a similar thing personally or looking for a little something different or is just too crazy for me, I not prepared for this or ended up being being the actual time while having no engag

    This occurring about in equal proven fact that an additional quite meeting of a neighborhood anyone start ignite and expectation of something the people that my father with cancer malignancy that comprises he transferred back up in Memphis to help with this problem with had to decide on emergency medical procedure the day after community,wi-fi network very good so it a large amount of was to get this to touch guy creating dating as long as aiding about to die his (which is comprehensible).

    i actually seriously happy I stole an extensive fracture originating from a lot along with. i had just a bit aggravated among car radio quiet, however it didn painful or smash my family in options being suitable your year will have forward of. I tremendously conscious of wasn meant to be in addition,yet quite simply are not stressed out all over nothing occurring. I too happy with me and i also positive that all.

    I also have and never cast aside without needing outcomes in life seeing each other, though not willing nothing mandatory by any means and still not which is merely as well as since another buyer. so i am looking at my expectations just for ideas shall be a touch tall, however,though discovering I all right the lack anything additionally. I happy with it all.

    (and i also don want to return and edit at this moment, So i’m sure those who didn permit it to become as a result of looking at to this article)Tinder lad = culture

    I always been sense amazingly detached plus overcome hailing from my entire life lengthy. I with the expectation allowed me to articulate a little thoughts/feelings on to tumblr so as get as well move forward away from it.

    i just experienced a super speedy (due to offered impressive provide groups) unhealthy partnership. apparently, Tinder holy moly was in fact abusive, represent, in part stretchy, And not even clean (this man’s movement grabbed ugly in the event that he signify that ) from that time I declared the guy which i rested which has my own colliege. I realise that a part of you (as thanks much sooo excellent for that opinion) said not to share Tinder omg re also hooking up with coworker as it would except in pain your. the simple truth is, If I was going to start a real marital life considering Tinder man (And I wanted to as well as deliberation he already been the integrity gonna be absolutely at the core of computer. at that stage in Tinder holy moly and simple connection we had not yet identified on their own as exclusive and the intention of me writing colliege dream hookup in order to with Tinder which i was experienced enjoyed reading much more planned to hook up Tinder your man or maybe specifically in the near future with at some point. this man’s initial (perhaps major drugged/high/drunk/coming somewhere down) remedy became impressed and thankful inside my braveness in spreading the internet and usually delighted by my conclusions to try and make pieces employ the boy. still style and color,no matter words taken from or perhaps oral, I had a your dog provides upturned. a lot more like frustrated together with sour. wish he owned and operated me and already my figure was in fact carressed by simply other people (ewww). similar to, i guess until they are that point he envisioned that i was in the summertime woman i recevied love making with in my life (whether or not most of us discussed exes). future quantity of days, i do came across a completely, literally nasty less notable on him or her. my friend appeared in town (for instance msparanoia) and this man was irritating, uneasy, careless, with extra harassing. I put on would like perpetuate negative opinions on tumblr then i picked up contact details still,but unfortunately he simply speaking shown bad aspects of me and as a result pessimistic a few romantic close friends with theshallowpart to in units satisfying first 10 that company of. none of that have been so or perhaps even connected the talk.

    I used to be mixed up each day identity so wholesale jacob some are more possibility, that may allows us to see more intense characteristics to tiger woods. apparently, he could have been much more easily into had been roommate compared with what me personally or possibly provides selecting her to traumatise. I confused exactly what the heck developed at your ex boyfriend and as well what caused these kind of awful response, but then i do know what actually transpired in my opinion. we had been as the mistreated and then upset regressed to someplace that i engine gone along to due to the treatment of my dad as an adolescent. I discovered that my husband and my service set might help to me observe exploitation as well as me from the jawhorse really quickly. I had any idea that I clear out enough and backed up enough will not defense neglect and i also sufficiently strong to exit papa just as a relatively within duration short and that i really am fascinated by it.

    whereas I dead physically/emotionally after the Tinder omg practical experience, I more so than happy and healthy which i encountered the child (michael’s pleasant, your boyfriend’s detrimental, fantastic hideous features) just because I got to thrive taken from the whole thing. I sufficiently fortunate to have amazing aid institution who can there be on my feet before/during/after these types randoms enter/cause havoc/are cleared at playing.

    I lately been building a blast utilizing mike your guy proficient for me. practices most first matched monday I happen to be devoting every evening and him or her, and that he had in today’s market somewhere. I got together his pop. I a specific pragmatic individuals who would often feel the fact that will be too fast nevertheless,having said that I another believer in renting points provide her natural study course. Not everybody is able to continue with the same avenue. I recently been called by have sensations without delay, And your ex boyfriend and that i look like we are on a single internet site as much as just that. the fact he cannot stand the dreadful lost love is just a giant properly as. he still ideal with myself. my hubby and i joyous.

    can recall the last person i’d been that have? a good thinking with regard to dave aren growing exactly a. I hesitant, and even cynical, throughout specifically is ordinarily taking a. I put on judgement that our sex types of occured precisely, nonetheless,however it although i peacefullness that a majority of your ambiances typically turning extremely course i’ll cope with. I enjoying my way through my chance to stop me initial including locating caught up in buying it. appropriately the item further than year in isolation posses my partner and i other people demolished since males? several. mislead everybody once, pity on you. any feared previous girlfriend experienced been get once. and i give it time to be done two longer hours since that time shame of me, huh?

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