We were elected at the mercy of the people, let them judge our performance – Rochas

Imo west Senator and former Governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha has told his fellow colleagues in the senate to let the electorates judge their performance in office as elected public office holders.

He said this during the 2nd anniversary of the ninth senate, on Wednesday on the floor of the senate.

“Despite our challenges and the situation we have found ourselves, we are still sitting here as a united Nigeria. To God be the glory.

“It is only a miracle of God that we are still seated here as senators.

“Every factor, every criteria that would have led to anger and situation that would have divided us, has not succeeded. We thank God Almighty.

“But as we catalogue our numerous achievements and the numerous great achievements of the 9th Senate, which I share in and congratulate you and congratulate my dear colleagues, I would like to say Mr President, that we do not forget that we are here because of the people, and we are elected by the people to serve the people, and we are here at their mercies.

“So the right people or the right persons that would have judged our performance, should have been the people.

“I say so because political power, whether legislature or executive, is but a trust. A trust that can only be justified when used for the benefit of the common man,” he said.

“This senate must rise and support the executive to address the issue of poverty and injustice in this nation,” he further added.

He urged his colleagues in the senate to make it a duty to assuage the people, to give the people hope at a trying time like this.

Speaking about the state of the nation, he lamented the spate of killings in the country particularly in the southeast and urged the senate to come up with efforts that will stop ethnic profiling and see to it that killers are separated from their tribal affiliations, this is as he emphasized that killing has no tribal affiliation, whether if the killer is Igbo or Fulani or any tribe at all.

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