Let me begin by saying everyone is free to have their opinion about certain issues as personal point of views differs. I cannot criticize Burna for holding his personal view about his birth, growth and rise in the music industry, in whatever context he made that statement, I go with him, Nobody got him where he is, he made a way for himself through the grace of God and his fans.

Will Wizkid, Davido or any one else be reckoning with him today if not for his hardwork and resilience even aside his natural talent, while we talk about the legendary Fela’s work being a source of his blow, let’s not forget that he’s keeping the Afro-beat legacy of the Afro-beat legend intact which even the children of the mystro himself are yet to criticize instead embrace him for his approach.

His debut LIKE TO PARTY was accepted worldwide including the follow up TONIGHT without Burna Boy sounding a bit Afro-beat, YAWA followed suit with a fusion and recall of Galala and Konto to rejuvenate the passing Ajegunle funk, that’s Talent, creativity and humanity.

From his FIRST ALBUM L.I.F.E (Leaving an Impact For Eternity to the second ON A SPACE SHIP, to his EP, subsequent album titled OUTSIDE and on to the last album AFRICAN GIANT which earned him a ganagtic Grammy nomination, Burna has not passed his boundary even in his utterance, I make bold to say that had he clunged the plague on the stage of the Grammy, the YE crooner would have still dedicated the album to his grandfather’s former artiste, mother’s boss as she was his one time dancer and offcourse his mentor and inspirational source, FELA ANIKULAPO KUTI.

After going through to his recent outburst about no one paving a way for him, I realised he started this rant sensefully and not senselessly like Suzan Ade Coker after he went and returned from the Grammy. Carefully I searched through the social media handles of our renowned acts and role model, then realised over 92% of them didn’t even make a post of encouragement on his regards not to talk of vote that he wins and you all still think that he being an angel will look-away? Even angels no dey send who no send them.

But had he kicked the bucket, many will post him everyday for one month, hypocritically celebrating him with their tribute not because he passed on untimely but because he’s left the stage for them, let us just be realistic and real here.

If a quarter of those that posted Kobe Bryant’s pics and wrote their “Eye-Service” tribute on all their social media handles did a bit of same to cheer up Burna, you think say he nor go win? Incase you think Angelique Kidjo won’t give him a chance to, let me then remind you guys that even Angelique Kidjo started someway and possibly had her rubbicons yet found grace to be victorious and also include that Kidjo DEDICATED her award to Burna Boy.

How many appealed when he was constantly denied awards, events and airplays in Nigeria? It is not a news that at a period in time, Burna Boy was ganged up against in the media, only few show promoters were giving him events in Nigeria, Portharcourt born Damini Ogulu practically relocated to other countries where he was accepted, honoured and hallowed, which of this artistes who paved way for him or mediated on his behalf inspite of however dark his then attitude, character, perceived pride and past was.

On his return to the United Kingdom after numerous years away due to his banishment for a crime he didn’t commit directly, dude was loosing money from events coming from that corner which he couldn’t honour, no one mused until the years ran out, lol and behold, he came into the UK and wasn’t just honoured, he received a royal welcome as thus a King has arrived, he was even given a special plague for being the first black to sell out the SSE ARENA in UK, this years he was away was his personal years of isolation, torment and repentance, who cared?

His first entry to the United States was grand, he practically said it was beyond his expectations, a memorable year that changed the course of his career, while you celebrate your heros who have been on thesame joint with your favorite International acts, Burna has been doing so without making a noise about it, so much colloborations, plenty to mention.

You deprived and denied him of countless awards, he lost the ego to attending anymore hence he prefers his mum’s representation because right under his nose, you will mention another name as recipient because you want to treat his f**k up for not giving in to the norm in the industry as well as ass lick for favours, you hated his manliness, his charisma and knowledge of his person as he wouldn’t even allow his name be dragged neither will he give in to bad press.

Like 2Baba said on his live interview with Hot FM, Lagos, Burna Boy has a right to whatever he said in the context of what he is saying,he summarized that it was a big honour working with him in his recent album titled WARRIOR which his favorite track is the one that has Burna Boy on it titled WE MUST GROOVE, Burna’s effort on the album proved that indeed he is an AFRICAN GIANT, you can search for this interview on YouTube (what 2Baba said about Burna Boy on Hot FM).

After countless nominations from different award organisers in a particular award year and without ever getting to pick up a single award even when it’s obvious he’s the best amongst the nominees, who questioned the credibility of those award organisers, who wrote to the sponsors, who asked why Burna Boy was undeserving of Nigeria awards yet doing great and shelfing several International awards.

Shall we undermine the fact that the then controversy that ensued as a result of his rift with former Grafton Records act Mr. 2kay was a ploy to destabilize his first ever event in Lagos Nigeria from holding as it was few weeks from the scheduled day which clashed with another major event, 17th of December 2017, if not, why was the so much over hyped case quashed with a mere 100,000 naira?

Conclusively, it is just necessary for us to keep extending this his controversial phrase as it will be very unnecessary for us to expect him to rescind on his “NOBODY PAVED A WAY FOR ME” pseudo, Burna Boy meant every bit of that word. To cross all this ocean of challenges with no support from any of those you expect him to herald is why he congratulates himself by himself for his recent fete by calling himself an AFRICAN GIANT.

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