World Most Expensive Condom Cost $460 made from Sheep Intestine

According to an Indiatimes report, A 200 year old condom has been found to be the world’s most expensive condom.

Sold at a whopping £460  (or about 44,000 Rupees), the 18th-19th century contraceptive isn’t made from latex, but sheep intestine.

The ancient condom before the 19th century sold at $460.

It’s one of the few from a bygone age, where condoms were made from the intestines of sheep, pigs, calves and goats.

Condoms were only enjoyed by the wealthy as it took time (and animal guts) to craft one.

It wasn’t until inexpensive rubber condoms came about in the 19th century that sheep intestines went out of fashion as contraceptive material.

As time evolved, the modern condoms started emerging and at lesser prices. Today, the most expensive Condom is the Louis Vuitton Condom sold at $68.00, #24,548.00 in Nigeria currency.

Presently the most expensive condom in the world. Sold for $68(#24,548.00).



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