World’s Fattest Man Dies on Christmas Day Aged 38 (Photo & Video)

The world’s fattest man, Andres Moreno after suffered a heart attack as he was taken to a private hospital in an ambulance on Christmas Day.
The 38 years-old Mexican underwent stomach bypass surgery in October in the hope of slimming down. He was bed-bound and weighed an incredible 960 pounds at his heaviest before the op, although he lost 266 pounds naturally so he could go under the knife.
Moreno walked for the first time in three years on December 2 after his op and subsequent surgery on an unrelated stomach hernia.
Moreno, a former police officer, admitted to being dumped by his wife as his weight ballooned after he turned 20.
The previous record for the world’s fattest man was also held by a Mexican, Manuel Uribe, from Monterrey, who weighed 88 stone. He died last year aged 48.
Britain’s fattest man, 65-stone Carl Thompson, died in June just a month after pleading for help to try and change the 10,000 calories-a-day diet he was warned would kill him.
Moreno is due to be buried later today.
Last video recorded below

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